We’ve all notice that half bun hair is taking over the internet and hairstyle trends recently, lots of young women adopt this hairstyle to create modern and cute looks.

There are several half bun hairstyle ideas that will make you look really cute and chic at the same time. A simple and messy half bun is a good idea for casual looks, the high half bun can be adopted for different occasions from parties to street style. The double bun is another choice for young girls who like cute and stylish hair ideas. Just make sure to tease your hair and apply mousse to damp hair to create a big voluminous bun, then you can style your hair. It should look messy yet chic at the same time.

Half bun is the best way to get your long hair out of your face and create a modern and trending half up half down hairstyle.

1. Cute Two Half Bun Style

Half Bun Styles

2. Long Hair with Messy Half Bun

Long Hair Half Buns

3. Simple Half Bun Hairstyle

Half Bun Hairstyles

4. Braided Half Buns

Half Buns

5. Best Top Half Bun

Best Half Buns

6. Big Bun for Lob Hair

Long Hair Buns-6

7. Cute and Easy Half Bun Style

Long Hair Buns-7

8. Simple Half Bun Idea

Long Hair Buns-8

9. Double Bun for Young Girls

Long Hair Buns-9

10. Braided Half Bun Hairstyle

Long Hair Buns-10


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