Giving the wavy curls to long hair is a very popular and trademark fashion statement for women. If you have naturally wavy hair you are the lucky one but if you don’t you can easily achieve wavy styles with curling iron, paddle brush or even with flat iron!

There are so many different wavy hairstyles especially for long hair. If you have naturally wavy hair you can emphasize your waves with layered hairstyles. Even women with fine hair can create a soft waves with layered haircut and blow dry. Women with oval and round face shape should go with soft waves, if you have long face shape it is nice to give some volume so you can opt big and perfect waves. Messy and beach wavy hairstyles are also very popular you can sport this style for every season and every occasions to create a stylish look.

Here are the latest wavy hairstyle ideas that will make you look gorgeous. We have selected pictures of women including celebrities  that looked fab in long wavy hairstyles.

1. Nice Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

2. Wavy Hair with Ombre

Wavy Haircuts

3. Wavy Thin Hair

Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

4. Thick Wavy Hair Hairstyle

Wavy Hair Hairstyles

5. Special Wavy Hair Cut

Wavy Haircut


Wavy Haircuts-6


Wavy Haircuts-7


Wavy Haircuts-8


Wavy Haircuts-9


Wavy Haircuts-10


Wavy Haircuts-11


Wavy Haircuts-12


Wavy Haircuts-13


Wavy Haircuts-14


Wavy Haircuts-15

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