The bun is the most comfortable hairstyle for long hair and it is so versatile that you can sport different bun styles for lots of different occasions. Long hair would be the most appealing and sexy hairstyle for women but it may be hard to maintain. You may also have a difficult time finding new updos for special occasions. The bun is the best way to look formal, simple loose bun or low bun is great for business meeting and formal looks.

There are many different bun styles that you can sport for casual looks. The messy bun is the most preferred hairstyle for women of all ages and many women like to adopt it for different events from going out to meet friends to dinner dates. Top knot bun and ballerina bun is also a perfect way to get your hair out of your face. To create a perfect bun you should use hair product that will keep your hair in place. You can apply hair mousse and complete your bun with a holding hair spray. If you want to create a messy look you should first give some texture with backcombing.

1. Best Messy Bun for Summer

Messy Bun

2. Twisted Messy Bun Hair

Messy Bun Hairstyle

3. Messy Colored Hair Two Bun

Messy Hair Buns

4. Chic Top Messy Bun Hair

Messy Bun Hair

5. Easy Messy Low Bun

Easy Messy Buns


Messy Hair Buns-6


Messy Hair Buns-7


Messy Hair Buns-8


Messy Hair Buns-9


Messy Hair Buns-10


Messy Hair Buns-11


Messy Hair Buns-12


Messy Hair Buns-13


Messy Hair Buns-14


Messy Hair Buns-15


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