Although the shades of red hair color might change, the color itself is in style for years. So because of that we wanted to show you the best red hair color ideas to sport this year.

Red is one of the most eye-catching color for women, there are many different shades that you can sport depends on your skin tone and eye color. Long red hair is appealing, really sexy and chic. You should use hair products for dyed hair to keep your hair color much more longer. If you have medium to dark skin tones you can go with dark red hair color or add red hair color as balayage or ombre. Women with lighter skin tone can go with bright red or Irish red. Irish red or copper red goes great with green and blue eyed women. You should always moisturize and protect your hair because there will be bleaching process to achieve the perfect red hair color.

Now it is time to check our gallery of gorgeous hair color ideas and be inspired by these looks!

1. Dark Red Wavy Hair Style

Dark Red Hair

2. Chic Long Dark Red Hair

Long Dark Red Hair

3. Curly Wavy Dark Red Hair

Dark Red Long Hair

4. Long Dark Red-Purple Hairstyle

Long Dark Red Hairstyles

5. Best Dark Red Thick Hairstyle

Long Dark Red Hairstyle


Dark Red Hair-6


Dark Red Hair-7


Dark Red Hair-8


Dark Red Hair-9


Dark Red Hair-10


Dark Red Hair-11


Dark Red Hair-12


Dark Red Hair-13


Dark Red Hair-14


Dark Red Hair-15


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