There is no other hairstyle that is as popular as a half bun. This hairstyle is adopted by women with both short and long hairstyles. It is a perfect way to get your hair out of your face in a casual and trendy style.

Half bun became popular quickly and managed to steal the hearts of young women. It looks best on wavy and curly hairstyles, natural beachy waves are perfect for creating a casual style for summertime. You can pair the bun with braids or it would be really cute on its own too. Really tight and slicked half bun styles would be suitable for special occasions. But messy half buns are always a good idea for a party or casual styles.

If you have thick hair you can easily achieve a stylish messy bun but if you have thin hair type you need some texture to create some volume for your hair. Use dry shampoo or hair mousse to add some volume to the roots. After teasing your hair you can style your bun much more perfectly.

1. Cute Half Bun Hairstyle

Half Bun Hairstyles

2. Trendy Half Bun Hairstyle

Trendy Half Bun Hairstyles

3. Braided Half Bun

Half Buns

4. Simple Half Bun Style

Half Bun Styles

5. Best Half High Bun Hairstyle

Best Half Bun Hairstyles

6. Half Bun for Long Blonde Hair

Half Bun Hairstyles-6

7. Cute Half Bun Idea

Half Bun Hairstyles-7


Half Bun Hairstyles-8


Half Bun Hairstyles-9


Half Bun Hairstyles-10


Half Bun Hairstyles-11


Half Bun Hairstyles-12


Half Bun Hairstyles-13


Half Bun Hairstyles-14

15. Selena Gomez

Half Bun Hairstyles-15


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