Balayage coloring is getting popular, it looks more natural than before! Ombre balayage is the latest hair coloring trend it is more visible at the ends of the hair and more natural than sharp balayage coloring.

First of all lots of women like to change up their style with a new hair color but don’t want to damage their hair by dying their hair completely. Balayage would be the best choice if you want to give some color and highlights to your hair with minimum damage.

You can go with different colors as balayage, gray, blonde, red or blue… Rose gold hair color is the latest hair coloring trend and it looks really nice on brunettes as balayage coloring. If you want to achieve really natural highlights, you can go with colors 2-3 lighter than your actual hair color. Then you can achieve really natural and modern look.

So here are the best balayage hair color ideas for long hairstyles, they are perfect for women who like to add a difference to their style with simple touches.

1. Great Brown Balayage Hair Color

Balayage Hair Colors

2. Long Balayage Hair Color

Long Balayage Hair Colors

3. Two Style for Balayage Colored Hair

Balayage Hair

4. 2017 Blonde Hair Balayage

Hair Balayage

5. Red to Blonde Ombre Long Hair with Balayage

Long Hair Balayage


Balayage Hair Colors-6


Balayage Hair Colors-7


Balayage Hair Colors-8


Balayage Hair Colors-9


Balayage Hair Colors-10


Balayage Hair Colors-11


Balayage Hair Colors-12


Balayage Hair Colors-13


Balayage Hair Colors-14


Balayage Hair Colors-15


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