Long hair is one of the most common hairstyle for women and it always seem to be the most feminine and appealing style. Layers is the best friend of long hairstyle and it creates stylish easy-to-maintain haircuts without giving up any length. Women with curly hair should go with layered long hairstyle but over layering will cause more frizz this won’t be a hood idea at all. Feathered or heavy layering would work on thin and straight hair, this way you can add volume and movement to your hair. If you want to sport a classy yet modern long hairstyle keep your layers long, between shoulder- and chest-length. Layers also show off the color of your hair beautifully especially when you have multiple hair colors. It is also really easy to style your hair into gorgeous messy waves when you have layered hairstyle. Now let’s take a look at the gorgeous layered hairstyles than can flatter any face and style.

1. Long Layered Hair

Long Layered Haircut

2. Hairstyle for Layered Hair

Hairstyles for Layered Hair

3. Layered Hairstyle for Long Hair

Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

4. Layered Hair Style

Layered Hair Styles

5. Layered Long Hairstyle

Layered Long Hairstyles


Long Layered Haircuts-6


Long Layered Haircuts-7


Long Layered Haircuts-8


Long Layered Haircuts-9


Long Layered Haircuts-10


Long Layered Haircuts-11


Long Layered Haircuts-12


Long Layered Haircuts-13


Long Layered Haircuts-14


Long Layered Haircuts-15

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