Super long, healthy and sexy straight hair is almost every women’s dream, if you have long straight hair already or want to grow your hair long we have some hair styling ideas and haircut solutions for you.

First of all you should choose the right haircut for your hair type and face shape. Not all the time straight hair need some volume and movement, for instance, if you have thick and straight hair chin length or light layering at the ends will help you to style your hair easily. But women with thin hair should choose layered hairstyles to create some volume and fullness. Feathered layering will be also great for a nice movement.

Half updo styles or half bun style is perfect for getting your hair our of your face nicely. If you don’t have naturally straight hair you can always create the sleek straight look with hair straightner. You need to use hair products that will protect your hair from the heat an other components. Don’t forget to use hair masks and conditioner regularly.

1. Very Long Straight Hairstyle

Long Straight Hairstyles

2. Straight Long to Medium Hairstyle

Straight Long Hairstyles

3. Long Straight Brown Hair 2017

Long Straight Hair

4. Long Straight Hair Ponytail

Long Straight Hair Styles

5. Long Straight Hairstyle for Girls

Best Long Straight Hairstyles

6. Long Hair with Highlights

Long Straight Hairstyles-6

7. Light Brown Hair

Long Straight Hairstyles-7


Long Straight Hairstyles-8


Long Straight Hairstyles-9


Long Straight Hairstyles-10


Long Straight Hairstyles-11


Long Straight Hairstyles-12


Long Straight Hairstyles-13


Long Straight Hairstyles-14

15. Half Updo Style for Long Hair

Long Straight Hairstyles-15

16. Super Long Straight Hair

Long Straight Hairstyles-16


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