Casual straight hair is always a nice choice for women with long hair so whether you have sleek straight hair or not you will find these hairstyles inspiring.

The hairstyle is the most important part of your look and style you can change your whole look with a new refreshing haircut even though you don’t loose any hair length. Layering is the key to a perfect long hairstyle especially if you have straight hair. Women with thin and long hair may need a little bit of lightness and volume in their hair so long layers will help you to create this volume. Chin length layering will be great for women who want to emphasize their facial features. Choppy layering is also wonderful choice for women with thin hair, this way you can add texture to your hair in a stylish way. If you have wavy or curly hair it would be wise to keep layering simple and light. Bangs also make long hairstyles look completely different if you are seeking for any change.

1. Straight Layered Cut Hairstyle

Straight Cut Hairstyles

2. Straight Hair Haircut

Straight Hair Haircuts

3. Straight Hairdo Ponytail

Straight Hairdos

4. Highlighted Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Hairstyle with Straight Hair

5. Choppy Straight Haircut Style

Straight Haircut Styles


Straight Long Hair Styles-6


Straight Long Hair Styles-7


Straight Long Hair Styles-8


Straight Long Hair Styles-9


Straight Long Hair Styles-10


Straight Long Hair Styles-11


Straight Long Hair Styles-12


Straight Long Hair Styles-13


Straight Long Hair Styles-14


Straight Long Hair Styles-15


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