It has not been too long since the Balayage hairstyle came into existence. However, its fame has already surpassed other hairstyles in terms of craze among the ladies with long hair. In case, you are new to the term balayage hair, it’s a way of highlighting your hair with some dye. Here the hair dye is made it look natural though!

So, what are the occasions that will suit this type of hairstyles on you? You can opt for this stunning hairstyle in almost all of the formal and informal gatherings. That means, its appeal never fades. As for live proof, you can see how the glamour girls are making the red carpet shiny with these highlighted long hairstyles. So, choose any of the following Balayage and highlighted long hairstyles to get an out of the world look.

1. Dark Blonde Long Hairstyle with Highlights

Long Hairstyles with Highlights

Ever wished to look different amidst your lady group but no extra proper way discovered? Try this dark blonde on your long hair. The highlights are sure to give you a sporting look while the blonde makes the wearer sophisticated with a refined gesture. This hairstyle, however, looks killer on girls with fair skin tone.

2. Long Hairstyle with Balayage Ombre

Long Hairstyles Balayage

You will find hardly any other look to look so dynamic that you can get with this Balayage Ombre hairstyle. While other haircuts are pretty much confusing when it comes to suit long hair, you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle. This trendy hand—painting of hair has also become craving among the red carpet celebs.  

3. Blonde Highlights Long Hairstyle

Highlights Long Hairstyles

This hot hairstyle is enough to take your appearance from blah to bling! Perfect for all occasions, try this blonde highlight on your next date and it will simply keep your loved ones amazed with your overall beauty! You can also choose this hairstyle for your long hair to express yourself more vividly. Needless to say, women of all ages can try this to add some special glow on their ultimate look!

4. Long Wavvy Hair Balayage

Long Hair Balayage

5. Chic Long Hair with Light Brown Balayage

Long Hair with Balayage


Long Hairstyles with Balayage-6


Long Hairstyles with Balayage-7


Long Hairstyles with Balayage-8


Long Hairstyles with Balayage-9


Long Hairstyles with Balayage-10


Long Hairstyles with Balayage-11


Long Hairstyles with Balayage-12


Long Hairstyles with Balayage-13


Long Hairstyles with Balayage-14


Long Hairstyles with Balayage-15


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