Black women have their own unique hair type and attitude that they look effortlessly attractive and chic. There are lots of different hair color and hairstyle options that black girls can pull off, today we’ll talk about them.

If you want growing healthy long hair you need to maintain your hair properly. Use hair products for curly and thick hair. Natural oils like, coconut oil or shea butter is perfect for preventing frizz and hair breakages. Light layering is also a great idea for black women’s hair.

1. Long Thick Wavy Hairstyle for Black Women

This dark long hair is actually styled into a wavy look that makes her really stylish and modern.

Long Hairstyles for Black Women

2. Black Woman with Dreadlock Long Hairstyle

Dreadlocks are unique hairstyle idea for black women when it is long looks really chic and bohemian.

Black Women Long Hairstyles

3. Long Pink Hairstyle for Black Women

Rose gold or pink hair color on long hair with bangs… She is such a doll with these features!

Long Hairstyles Black Women

4. 2017 Black Woman and Thick Long Hair

If you have naturally curly hair you can have bangs to create definitely unique and chic style.

Black Women Long Hair

5. Best Long Straight Hair

Black women who like their hair straight most can get some inspiration from this sleek straight dark long hair.

Long Hair Black Women

6. Bun Style for Long Hair

Long Hairstyles Black Women-6


Long Hairstyles Black Women-7


Long Hairstyles Black Women-8


Long Hairstyles Black Women-9


Long Hairstyles Black Women-10


Long Hairstyles Black Women-11


Long Hairstyles Black Women-12


Long Hairstyles Black Women-13


Long Hairstyles Black Women-14


Long Hairstyles Black Women-15


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