Long hair is gorgeous but braided long hair is extra gorgeous. We offer the best Braids for Long Hair and want to help you create something magical. With braided hair, you will never look boring as it is really beautiful. You can try French braids, Dutch braids, three-strand braids, fishtail braids, and many other variations. Braided hair is a true work of art if you show a little bit of creativity. Braided hair is also very comfortable and you will never worry about strands that bother you. One of the most popular hairstyles is braided ponytails. The ponytail wrapped with a braid is simple yet very chic. It will take only 5 minutes to style up your hair this way and get a stylish look. Messy loose braided hair is also on trend. Loose waves tied carelessly are so stylish nowadays. It looks very cute and you can wear it on any occasion. Braided buns are also very beautiful. They are great hairstyles for hot summer days. You get a very neat look and become very attractive. If you want to have a simple look then we offer you to try braided fishtail. This is very easy to create. It will take less than 5 minutes to create such a look. Half-up braids give a feminine look to all girls. If you are heading to a party then there is nothing more beautiful than this long hairstyle. You will undoubtedly shine and have a cut look. Mohawk braids are beautiful as well. Easy to create and very comfortable to wear on any occasion this hairstyle will make you stand out. So what are you waiting for? Go on exploring the list below to find out your favorite braided hairstyle.

1-Beautiful Braids for Long Hair

Beautiful Braids for Long Hair, Hair Long Braid Hairtyles

2-Braid Buns

Braid Buns, Hairtyles Buns Braid Hair

3-Ponytail Hairtyle

Ponytail Hairtyle, Balayage Hairtyles Hair Ombre

4- Exclusive Look

0, Fishtail Braid Braids French

5-Half Up Half Down Hairtyle

Half Up Half Down Hairtyle, Hair Braid Hairtyles Long

6- Loose Braided Hair

Long Short Hairtyles Trend

7- Two Braids

Hairtyles Long Braids Hair

8- Braided Bun

Hair Braided Bun Hairtyles

9- Amazing Style

Braid Hair Hairtyles Cute

10- Double Braids

Braids Hairtyles Braid Hair

11- Two Mohawk Braids

Hair Ombre Balayage French

12- Cool Fishtail

Hair Braid Hairtyles Braided

13- Half-up Braid

Hair Braid Long Wedding

14- Half Up Wavy Braid

Long Hairtyles Prom Hair

15- Cool Summer Look

Long Hair Messy Braided

16- Girlish Style

Hairtyles Long Hair Special

17- Daily Look

Braid Braids Hair Long

18- Ponytail with Braided Top

Ponytail Cute Braided Thick

19- Four-strand Braid

Grimes Braid Hair Hairtyles

20- Gorgeous Braided Hair

Hairtyles Hair Wedding Braid

21- One-sided Braid

Girls Hairtyles Braid Everyday

22- Fishtail Braid

Braid Hairtyles French Hair

23- Double Boho Braid

Hair Messy Long Very

24- Loose Braid

Hairtyles Quick Braid Hair

25- Two Half-up Braids

Hair Long Hairtyles Braid

26- Very Loose Braid

27- Mohawk Style

28- Fishtail Braid

29- Faux Braided Crown

30- Half-up Braid with Rose


32- Half-up Loose Braid

33- Half-up Braid

34- Cute Look

35- One-sided Loose Braid


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