Long hair has always been on trend. When you go back to 1930s you will find out a lot of creative ideas and today women tend to use these ideas on different occasions. In the 1930s, hairstyles were sophisticated and looked very artistic. Today, we have sorted out 30’s Hairstyles for Long Hair, so look them through and feel inspired to try them. Finger waves were one of the most popular hairstyle ideas. Nowadays, you can also see these finger waves in Hollywood as well as on wedding ceremonies. Women in 30’s also used various accessories as well as headbands. they created a gorgeous look and with the help of them and became hotter. Accessories were just as important as hairstyles. Most of all women used large brimmed hats and got a very artistic and classic look. Women also used vintage combs in order to fix their hairstyle and pin back long locks. It also gave them a more formal look. Another popular hairstyle was s-shaped curls. In general, women liked to make their hair curly and give it different styles. You can see them wearing S-shaped curls tied into a bun and along with some headpieces. Face-framing waves were also trendy at that time. Today this long hairstyle is again modern and many women try that look. Nowadays, almost all the hairstyles of the 1930’s are back. Many women and especially Hollywood stars try to make these same hairstyles and look as artistic and classic as the women of the 1930s. If you also like such hairstyles and want to make your look according to the vintage styles then these pictures will help you. Just explore them and you will be able to choose one of them for the next event.

1-30S Hairtyles for Long Hair

30S Hairtyles for Long Hair, Long Wedding Hair Hairtyles

2-Side Swept Hairtyle

Side Swept Hairtyle, Long Side Wedding Cara

3-Long Hair with Headband

Long Hair with Headband, 1920S Long Huntington Tips

4-1930S Hairtyles for Long Hair

1930S Hairtyles for Long Hair, Long Bette Elizabeth Taylor

5-Finger Wave

Finger Wave, Curly Flapper Short Hair

6- S-shaped Updo Hairstyle

Bridal Fine Party Necklace

7- Face-framing Waves

Long Cara Wedding Vintage

8- Hair-up Style

Hair Up Wedding Hairtyles

9-Bun with Headband

Long Flapper Women Hairtyles

10- Half-up Curly Hair

Long 1940S 1930S Two

11- Big Curls

1930S Bacall Rita Some

12-Curls with Headpieces

Retro Gatsby All One

13- Bold Look

Rockabilly 50S 20S 40S

14- Finger Waves

Hair Waves Sophie Special

15- S-shaped Hairstyle with a Bun

Hair Prom Marilyn Short


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