Prom is one of the most important days of girls’ life because if you want to look gorgeous for this special day you need to go with a haircut that will emphasize your style and facial features. First of all you need to decide whether you want a updo or a half updo style. Ponytail is a great choice for young women with long hair. Your prom dress is the key while choosing a hairstyle for this night.

 Half updo hairstyles are great for young girls, you can create really romantic or bohemian styles with curly and wavy hair.  Half ponytail would be great idea for you if you like modern and chic styles. Here are the best modern long prom hairstyle ideas that you can show them to your hair stylist:

1. Long Updo Hairstyle 2017

Half Wedding Updo Wedding Up Half Brunette Bridesmaid

2. Cute Hairstyle

Sarah Brightman Up Half Down Textured Sunglasses Sarah Quick

3. Long Bridesmaid Hair

Wedding Updo Wedding Updos Updo Guest Bridesmaid Bridal 65

4. Summer Hairstyle

Summer Fishtail Wedding Braid Fishtail Wedding Trenza Summer Side Gues

5. Braided Hair

Braided Waterfall Waves Braided Waves Waterfall Pony Goals Fanc

6. Curly Hair

Curls Wedding Updo Wedding Updo Up Side Curls Bridesmaid

7. Celebrity Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian Celebrity Curls Low Length Kim Kardashian Curls

8. Pretty Hairstyle

Fall Wedding Updo Wedding Updo Pretty Little Bridal

9. Messy Hair

Wavy Straight Wedding Wedding Braided Wavy Thick Straight Some Side

10. Blonde Braid Hair

Messy Wedding Braid Mohawk Braid Wedding Thick Ponytails

11. Updo Long Hair

Updo Braided Up Swept Side Pretty Braided Very Updo Sides

12. Messy Hairstyle

Messy Wedding Up Messy Years Wedding Up Pretty Little

13. Summer Hairstyle

Summer Wedding Brides Wedding Up Summer Day

14. Updos for Long Hair

Curly Wedding Updo Wedding Updos Updo High Big

15. Wavy Hair

Wavy Wedding Updo Wedding Updo Side Ponytails Wavy Twists

16. Long Hairstyle 2017

Fishtail Classy French Braid Fishtail Up School Rock Mixed

17. Black Hair Girls

without Photo Melanin Girls Colored Baby

18. Curly Long Hairstyle

Twist Wavy Curly Wedding Wavy Ponytails Low Curly Braid Updo

19. Long Hairstyle

Wedding Wedding Threes Shades Shade One Length

20. Blake Lively

Blake Lively Fishtail Braid Fishtail Blake Lively High Braid Some Ponytails

21. Romantic Hairstyle

Summer Updo Braided Updo Summer Fancy Everyday Bun

22. High Ponytail

Curly Updo Curly Magazine High Cosmopolitan Vogue Updos

23. Sexy Loose Side Hair

Sexy Wedding Side Wedding Trend Sleek Sexy Red Lots

24. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Straight Up Katie Holmes Golden Up Tips Red

25. Updo Hair

Lucy Liu Updo Up Tail Ponytails Pony Messy Lucy

26. Braid Cute Girls Hair

Braid Braid Braids Kassinka Girls

27. Ariana Grande

Poppy Ariana 2017 Zendaya Parker Grande

28. Sleek Hairstyle

Selena Gomez Vanessa Selena Hudgens Sleek Rooney

29. Curly Hair

Curls Curly Wedding Wedding Waterfall Updo Natural

30. Long Hair Braids

Braid Waterfall Braids Braid Waterfall Daily Braiding


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