If you want to have a gorgeous look, then try long layered haircuts right away. Long hair is really beautiful and if you are interested in how to style it, you are in the right place. Here we have brought some ideas of Layered Long Hairstyles which are eye-catching and will inspire you. Not everyone is lucky to have beautiful long hair but if you are among those girls, then you can easily try these styles. Multi-layered mix hairstyle is great to have a sleek and chic look. The mixture of layers frames your face perfectly. As most of the layers are mid-length, they add volume to your hair. Layers can surely be fabulous if styled in a beautiful way. The multiple layers including medium and long will give your hair a movement. You can keep your layers straight by having long layers with feathered ends. In this way, you won’t sacrifice the length of your hair as well. In order to make your tired locks get alive, long layers are the best ways. When your layers fall perfectly you will feel fresh¬†and have an amazing look. You can opt for balayage style and add choppy layers to it. These layers and the transition of colors will be combined giving you a natural-looking style. When you decide to try layers then make sure your stylist cuts the shortest layer in a way that highlights the most flattering and beautiful point on your face. Now¬†check out the list of layered hairstyles below.

1-Layered Hairstyle for Long Hair

Layered Hairtyles for Long Hair, Long Hair Smooth Layered

2-Choppy Hair

Choppy Hair, Medium Length Layered Long

3-Modern Hair

Modern Hair, Hair Long Layers Modern

4-Choppy Layers Long Hair

Choppy Layers Long Hair, Curly Choppy Long Layers

5-Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Hairtyles for Thick Hair, Hair Long Layered Thick

6- Long Sleek Hair

Hair Long Layers Hairtyles

7- Side Swept Layers

Bob Hair Balayage Blonde

8- Wavy Layers

Balayage Blonde Hair Layered

9- Chic Style

Hair Balayage Long Layered

10- Straight Hair

Hair Color Trendy Long

11- Mixed Layers

Hair Long Layered Style

12- Layered Hair with Feathered Ends

Long Layered Hairtyle Layers

13- Messy Layers with Fringe

Layered Medium Haircuts Bangs

14- Very Elegant Layered Hairstyle

Long Short Hairtyles Layered

15- Wavy Layered Hair

Blonde Long Layered Ombre

16- Long Layers

Hair Long Blonde Layers

17- Chic Look

Layered Long Hair Rosewood

18- Hair with Long Fringe

Long Hair Thin Layered

19- Long Tousled Hair

Hair Long Layers Layered

20- Wavy Hair with Subtle Layers

Hair Long Layered Wavy

21- Gorgeous Blonde Hair

Hair Updo Curly Long

22- Daily Style

Long Hair Balayage Layered

23- Very Chic

Curly Long Hair Hairtyles

24- Straight Layered Hair

Long Layered Brunette Hair

25- Volume Adding Layers

Hair Blonde Long Layered

26- Choppy Layers

27- Messy, Loose Curls

28- Textured Layers for Long Hair


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