If you’re one of the millions of women who love wearing long hairstyle in curls, you’ll know how much of a difficulty it is too though. Perms have come a curly long hair way since the 80s. Back in the 80s, curls were 100% the hairstyle to have. Straighteners were out and curlers, crimpers and perms were everywhere. These days, perms can be fine-tuned to give you completely the kind of wave you want. You can get perms that just add volume to fine, limp hair; you can get loose, sexy waves or you can go for the corkscrew curls that many straight-haired girls envy. So are you a good candidate for a perm? Whether you are looking to change your look out of boredom or clearly because you always want to stay in trend, a perm is always a good choice. Plus, it gives you a variety in the kind of curls you want too. Here are 27 New Curly Perms for Hair for inspiration.

1. Blonde Curly Hair with Perms

Blonde Curly Hair Perm


2. Trendy Perm Curly Hairdo

Trendy Perm Curly Hair


3. Long Curly Permed Hair

New Curly Permed Hair


4. Curly Permed Black Hairstyle

Curly Perm Black Hairstyles


5. Voluminous Perms for Curly Hair

Voluminous Perms for Curly Hair


6. Very Long Permed Hairstyle

Permed Long Hairstyles


7. Summer Permed Long Hair Idea

Summer Permed Hair Idea


8. Curly Hair with Blonde Highlights

New Curly Hair with Blonde Highlights


9. Cool Permed with Long Hair

Cool Perms for Long Hairstyles


10. Trendy Curly Hairstyle

New Short Curly Hairstyles


11. Shaggy Thick Curly Dark Hairstyle

Thick Curly Dark Hairstyles


12. New Curly Hairstyle with Layers

New Curly Hair with Layers


13. Best Curly Hair with Perm

Best Curly Hair Perm


14. Blonde Very Thick Curly Hair

Blonde Very Thick Curly Hairstyles

15. Cute Curly Red Hairstyle

Curly Red Hairstyles


16. Annalynne Mccord’s Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Annalynne Mccord Curly Hairstyle

17. Highlights and Lowlights for Brown Hairdo 2015

Highlights and Lowlights for Brown Hairdo 2014-2015


18. New Blonde Deep Wavy Weave

New Blonde Deep Wave Weave


19. Side Apart Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Side Apart Curly Hairstyles


20. Brunette Colored with Curly Perm Hair

Brunette Colored Curly Perm Hair


21. Shakira’s Shaggy Curly Hairstyle

Shakira Curly Hairstyle

22. Keri Russell’s Chic Curly Hairstyle

Keri Russell Hairstyle

23. Meg Ryan’s Shoulder Length Curly Hairstyle

Meg Ryan Curly Hairstyle


24. Rihanna’s Blonde Curly Hair

Rihanna Blonde Curly Hairstyles

25. Annalynne McCord’s Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Annalynne McCord Curly Hairstyles

26. Taylor Swift’s Blonde Curly Long Hairstyle

Taylor Swift Curly Long Hairstyle

27. Rachelle LeFevre’s Curly Red Hairstyle

Rachelle LeFevre Curly Red Hair


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