Got straight hair and looking for a non- heat long hairstyles? In our gallery you will find 25 Straight Hairstyles that you will totally in love! Hairstyles for long straight hair is one such that seems to be timeless. Straight hair looks really nice and feminine if it is healthy and shiny. You should use hair masks and conditioners on a regular basis to make your long hair smooth and moisturized. Blonde hair color shades look really sexy on long straight hair cut you can go with different hair colors like red, pastel colors or ashy hair colors. Straight hair tend to go flat so add in some layers to give some volume and texture. You need to visit your salon to prevent break ends and achieve healthy looking long hairstyle. So have a look at these gorgeous long straight hairstyles now and get inspired!

1. Straight Hair Style

Straight Hair

2. Straight Hairstyle

Straight Hairstyles

3. Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Hairstyle for Straight Hair

4. Hair Straight Style

Hair Straight

5. Hair Cut for Straight Hair

Haircut for Straight Hair

6. Hairstyle for Black Women

Straight Hairstyles-6

7. Dark Long Hair

Straight Hairstyles-7

8. Bronde Hair

Straight Hairstyles-8

9. Side Parted Hair

Straight Hairstyles-9

10. Side Swept Long Bangs

Straight Hairstyles-10

11. Long Hair with Bangs

Straight Hairstyles-11

12. Blonde Hair

Straight Hairstyles-12

13. Layered Long Hairstyle

Straight Hairstyles-13

14. Dark Long Hairstyle

Straight Hairstyles-14

15. Layered Long Haircut

Straight Hairstyles-15

16. Slicked Back Hair

Straight Hairstyles-16

17. Colored Hair

Straight Hairstyles-17

18. Middle Parted Long Hair

Straight Hairstyles-18

19. Red Ombre

Straight Hairstyles-19

20. Shiny Hairstyle

Straight Hairstyles-20

21.Middle Parted Long Hairstyle

Straight Hairstyles-21

22. Rihanna Long Hair

Straight Hairstyles-22

23. Layered Hair

Straight Hairstyles-23

24. Long Straight Haircut

Straight Hairstyles-24

25. Blonde Ombre

Straight Hairstyles-25


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