It’s true that the brides have spent a good amount of time wedding week. So to help curb the cost of standing up in a wedding, we compiled an amazing group of 25+ Simple Bridal Hairstyles. These long hairstyles that you can do yourself or with the bridesmaids. If you’re tying the knot this year, or planning your future with the one you love, you’ll be pleased with the splendid bridal long hairstyles we’ve chosen for you. Browse through these perfect wedding hairstyles and be inspired by romantic updos, attractive half-up, half-down ‘dos, loose curled locks and classic wedding long hairstyles for your big day.

1. Simple Bridal Updo Hairstyle

Best Simple Bridal Hairstyles

2. Simple Bridal Blonde Hair with Veil

Simple Bridal Blonde Hair

3. Simple Bridal Hairstyle with Crown for Long Hair

Best Simple Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

4. Bridal Simple Updo Hairstyle with Flowers

Bridal Simple Hairstyle with Flowers

5. Simple Bridal Messy Half Up Hairstyle

Simple Bridal Half Up Hairstyles

6. Simple Bridal Hair Updo with Feather

Simple Bridal Hair Updo Styles

7. Simple Bridal Low Bun Hairstyle with Accessory for Long Hair

Simple Bridal Low Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

8. Bridal Simple Dark Brown Long Hairstyle

Bridal Simple Dark Brown Hairstyle


9. Bridal Bun Long Hairstyle

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

10. Straight Bridal Hair Chain

Bridal Hair Chain Styles

11. Loose Bridal Blonde Hair Updo

Best Loose Bridal Hair Updos


12. Bridal Braided Loose Updo

Bridal Braided Hair Updos

13. Bridal High Sock Bun Hairstyle

Bridal High Bun Hairstyles

14. Simple Bridal Straight Bun Hairstyle

Simple Bridal Bun Hairstyles

15. Simple Bridal Curly Pinned Hairstyle

Simple Bridal Curly Hairstyles

16. Simple Bridal Twisted Half Up with Forehead Band

Simple Bridal Forehead Band

17. Simple Bridal Curly Dark Hair Updo

Simple Bridal Curly Hair Updo

18. Bridal Waterfall Braided Hair Half Up

Simple Bridal Braided Hair Half Up


19. Cute Bridal Simple Low Bun

Bridal Simple Low Bun Hairstyles

20. Bridal Simple Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Best Bridal Simple Half Up Half Down

21. Bridal Chic Side Bun Hairstyle

Bridal Chic Bun Hairstyles

22. Bridal Headband Loose Bun Hairstyle

Bridal Headband Bun Hairstyles

23. Bridal Messy Wavy Bun Hairstyle

Bridal Messy Bun Hairstyles


24. Simple Bridal Messy Braided Half Up Hairstyle

Simple Bridal Messy Braided Hairstyles

25. Bridal Updo Headpiece Hairstyle

Bridal Headpieces Hairstyles

26. Bridal Blonde Half Up Hairstyle with Flowers

Bridal Blonde Half Up Hairstyles


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