If you have long and brow hair then consider yourself lucky. Even if you do not have brown hairs, you can transform your hairs by using colors. But, getting long hair is difficult. However, you can use extensions but they do not give you the desired look. Firstly, waves are one of the top trendy styles for every season. If you see a fashion icon then you will see that more often than not they go for waves. The brown long wavy hair suits you irrespective of skin tone. You can use a toner or deep dark to manipulate the color outcome. For example, compare image one, two, three and four. You will notice that the brownish outline is different in each picture. Even the texture looks different. That is the indication that you can use this style for any skin color. With long wavy brown hair, you can get a party look, classic style, beach look, office look or a look of a bride. Some women prefer a high level of waves, which are very close to curling. Some women prefer waves at the end of their hairs. Most of them prefer a natural looking wave that starts from the middle part of hair length to the bottom of the hair. Every wavy long brown hair has its unique approach. This can be illustrated from the pictures uploaded in the blog. In picture number three hairs have bangs and the waves start from ear region. In the first image, waves start from the top. In the fifth image, the waves are at the bottom. This is how you can modify the wave and hair length to change the looks. It is better you consider other kinds of styles along with a wavy look to look good and stunning in every aspect.

1-Long Wavy Brown Hair

Long Wavy Brown Hair, Brown Hair Long Wavy

2-Brunette Hair with Blonde Lights

Brunette Hair with Blonde Lights, Balayage Hair Blonde Dark

3-Glasses and Bangs

Glasses and Bangs, Bangs Hair Glasses Styles

4-Wavy Choppy Layered Hair

Wavy Choppy Layered Hair, Hair Thin Hairtyles Ten

5-Brown and Blonde

Brown and Blonde, Balayage Hair Brown Blonde


Long Brown Hairtyles Back


Balayage Hair Black Ash


Balayage Brown Hair Thick


Curls Hair Wavy Long


Balayage Hair Brunette Medium


Hair Ombre Auburn Red


Color Hair Kate Beckinsale


Hair Green Ombre Brown


Hair Highlights Brown Dark


Balayage Caramel Hair Blonde


Balayage Hair Dark Fall


Curly Long Hair Wavy


Hair Wavy Long Balayage


Hair Brown Dark Highlights


Hair Balayage Brown Black


Hair Long Ombre Wavy


Long Hair Brown Balayage


Hair Sophia Makeup Wavy


Hair Long Waves Hairtyles


Brunette Hair Brown Choppy


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