Bangs are modern again. If you want to have a stylish look then adding bangs to your existing hairstyle or creating new styles with bangs would be an amazing idea. Today we want to help you decide which hairstyle will suit you for this new upcoming season. We have collected Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs and we hope to inspire you. Bangs will add a freshness to your look and give so much volume to your hair. You should choose the kind of bang which will suit your face shape. We have provided many ideas, so don’t worry, we have got your back. An arching straight fringe which ends just below your eyebrows will bring so much softness. You will look stunning and your long hair will look amazingly beautiful. Arched side-swept bangs that become longer at the sides are also very trendy. You can try this style and go anywhere you want. If you have a long face then we offer you to try long bangs. Full center or side swept long bangs are very suitable and your look will be just amazing. Nowadays, girls also prefer updo hairstyles with bangs. This is one of the easiest styling methods which is so gorgeous at the same time. It will give you a little bit messy look but you will stand out due to your uniqueness. A deep swept bang is also amazing for girls who have a short forehead. It will enhance your facial features and the long fringe will upgrade your style. Now check these pictures below and let’s see what bangs will suit you.

1-Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs

Hairtyles for Long Hair with Bangs, Bangs Long Trendy Flattering

2-Christie Brinkley Hair

Christie Brinkley Hair, Christie Brinkley Summer Back

3-Cute Hair Bangs

Cute Hair Bangs, Long Bangs Short Hairtyles

4-Asian Hair

Asian Hair, Bangs Long Hair Layers

5-Side Bangs

Side Bangs, Hair Dallas Bangs Side

6- Hairstyle with Fringe

Bangs Cara Taylor Swift

7- Updo Hair with Bangs

Short Bangs Hairtyle Bob

8- Updo Hair with Swept Bang

Makeup Bangs Sexy Flattering

9- Long Bangs

Long Bangs Hair Taylor

10- Soft Bangs

Long Bangs Hair Up

11- Long Hair with Fringe

Long Bangs Swift Blonde

12- Long Hair with Side Bangs

Long Bangs Hair Deschanel

13- Layered Hair

Bangs Long Alexa Deschanel

14- Cute Look

Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner

15- Updo Hair with Bangs

Bangs Hair Color Sienna

16- Wavy Layered Hair with Bangs

Long Bangs Locks Fringe

17- Short Bangs

Long Bangs Hair Layered

18- Long Hair with Front Bangs

Longer Kourtney Kardashian Long

19- Messy Hair

Bangs Long Waterless Fandazzlerz

20- Uneven Side Bangs

Long Bangs Curly Pink

21- Updo Hair with Short Bangs

Short Hair Messy Bangs

22- Gorgeous Style

Long Bangs Taylor Swift

23- Feathered Center Bangs

Emma Stone Hair Emma


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