Is your friend or sister getting married? Are you a bridesmaid? Well, no need to worry about your hairstyle as we are here to support you with Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair which will make you feel so modern and attractive. The look of bridesmaid is really on the focus, so you should not make a mistake in choosing your hairstyle. Before considering any idea, make sure it suits your dress and face shape. One of the most popular bridesmaid hairstyles is updo braided hair. In general updo hair gives a very classic look and when you combine it with one-sided braid, then you make your look more girlish. You can also make a French braid and add some flowers inside that braid. In this way, you will get a summer and very cool look. Long hair can be styled in numerous ways and one of the best ways is tousled waves as well. Adding an accessory, flower headpieces or headbands you can have a very glamorous, yet very beautiful appearance. You can also make your hair curly and pin curled hair in place with a feminine clip. A one-sided ponytail is also a great idea. It adds a chic touch to you. We also offer you to bump up the volume at the crown for a pretty look. If you want to be really a gorgeous yet simple bridesmaid, then a half-up hairstyle can also be perfect for a classic fairytale wedding. half-up styles feature soft waves fallen on your shoulders, so consider this hairstyle as well. If you are going to a rustic wedding, then a half-up bun with lots of texture is just ideal. As you see, the ideas are a lot and it all depends on you which style will suit you most.

1-Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bridesmaid Hairtyles for Long Hair, Wedding Updo Long Messy

2-French Braid with Flowers

French Braid with Flowers, Hair Long Wedding Ideas

3-Messy Fishtail Side Braid

Messy Fishtail Side Braid, Fishtail Braid Hair Messy

4-Half Up Half Down Hairtyle

Half Up Half Down Hairtyle, Hair Up Half Down

5-Long Hairtyle

Long Hairtyle, Long Hairtyles Hair Wedding

6-Summer Hairtyles

Summer Hairtyles, Wedding Hairtyles Hair Long

7-Updo Hair

Updo Hair, Wedding Hair Long Bridal

8-Pretty Hair

Pretty Hair, Long Short Hairtyles Up

9-Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Bridesmaid Hair Ideas, Hair Wedding Long Hairtyles

10-Sexy Hairtyle

Sexy Hairtyle, Hair Wedding Long Bridesmaids

11- Gorgeous Updo Hair

Hair Long Wedding Updo

12- Loose Braided Updo Hairstyle

Long Wedding Short Hairtyles

13- Half-up Bun with Texture

Wedding Hair Hairtyles Long

14- Fantastic Look

Wedding Hair Long Hairtyles

15- Braided Wavy Hair

Up Half Down Easy

16- Braided Hair with Volume

Bridesmaid Braided Hair Long

17- Gorgeous Hairstyle

Hair Braided Updo Long

18- Classic Updo Hair

Hair Wedding Hairtyles Long

19- Half Updo Hair with an Accessory

Wedding Hair Long Ideas

20- Very Cute Updo Hair

Long Short Hairtyles Pretty

21- Low Bun

Updo Layered Bob Long

22- Gorgeous Braided and Tousled Hair

Wedding Hair Long Ideas

23- One-sided Braid

Hair Wedding Messy Prom


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