Have you ever tried the double color on your hair? In simpler words of in fashion terms, it is considered as the two tone hair coloring. This blog covers two tone hair color ideas for long hair. For example, when you use natural hair or keep your hair without dying you might feel bored after some years. It is not universal but many women do feel this sometime in their life. If you have brown hair then you can use two colors, which can give you two shades. One shade at the bottom of the hair and one shade on the top. Another example is the dark color at the hair roots and way too lighter color at the end. With two tone hairstyles for long hair, you can adopt all styles and hair shades. If you are going for the curly hairs then you can even use one color at the end of curls. This looks stunning. Sometimes, people do it in an unconventional way, which is not a trendy style. For example, using two intense colors such as parrot green and dark red or bright red. these colors do not look stunning together. But, some women do it. Our suggestion for you is to keep the look as simple as you can at the first. Our collection of two tone long hair has subtle hair coloring along with even combination of colors. Switching colors can be tough for some. Our advice is to color a few strands of hair to match the color combination if you want to perfect the art of multilayer coloring. One of the most used two tone colorings is the brownish golden color with a slight shade of red. Even though it is red but it is a shade of golden-brown and its shades.

1-Two Tone Hair Color Idea for Long Hair

Two Tone Hair Color Idea for Long Hair, Hair Color Makeup Red

2-Black Hair Copper Highlights

Black Hair Copper Highlights, Velvet Ulzzang Trends Styles

3-Emo Bangs

Emo Bangs, Hairtyles Emo Hair Bob

4-Blue Grey Hair

Blue Grey Hair, Hair Grey Silver Pastel

5-Two Tone Ombre

Two Tone Ombre, Hair Fantasy Balayage Ombre


Hair Long Blonde Color


Dye Girl Ulzzang Blackpink


Blonde Hair Color Hairtyles


Halloween Gothic Black Highlights


Blonde Hair Highlights Brown


Two Tone Long Hair


Purple Hair Balayage Ombre


Hair Color Blonde Toned


Hair Weave Bob Cuts


Hair Long Wedding Hairtyles


Hair Two Tone Long


Long White Black Hairtyles


Long Hairtyles Layered Haircuts


Hair Color Ombre Dyed


Makeup Two Tone Long


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