Long straight hair is a benchmark of women’s beauty, exclusively if your locks are healthy, groomed, cut correctly and styled flatteringly. The abundance of different stylish long hairstyles for your poker straight tresses impresses. Take your long and straight hair to the next level by adding sweet layers, side bangs, or pull it back into striking updo. Sometimes your long mane will speak for itself with its amazing healthy shine. You’ll want to run your fingers through these graceful hairstyles for long straight hair! View our selection of 20 Straight Haircut Styles, get inspired and be ready to conquer mens’ hearts!

1. Straight Blonde Balyage Hairstyle

Straight Balyage Hair Hairstyle

2. Thick Red Straight Haircut Style

Red Straight Haircut Styles

3. Straight Chocolate Hairstyle

Hairstyle Straight Chocolate Hair

4. Thick Straight Dark Hair

Haircuts Straight Dark Hair

5. Straight Blonde Hairstyle

Haircuts Straight Blonde Hairstyles

6. Dark Straight Hair with Bangs

Haircuts Straight Hair with Bangs

7. Thick Layered Straight Hair Back

Layered Straight Hair Back View

8. Layered Long Brown Straight Hair

Layered Long Hair Straight Ideas

9. Long Hair Straight Layered Style Back

Long Hair Straight Layered Style Pics

10. Straight Long Shag Blonde Haircut

Straight Long Shag Haircut

11. Straight Long Green Ombre Hair

Straight Long Ombre Hair

12. Modern Straight Thick Long Hair

Modern Straight Long Hairstyles

13. Charming Straight Long Hair with Highlights

Straight Long Hair with Highlights Ideas

14. Claire Danes Long Layered Straight Hair

Claire Danes Long Straight Haircuts

15. Ashy Blonde Straight Long Hair

Blonde Straight Long Hairstyles

16. Very Long Straight Dark Hair

Very Long Straight Haircuts

17. Long Side Swept Straight Thick Hair

Long Side Swept Straight Haircuts

18. Long Layered Straight Dark Hairstyle

Long Layered Straight Dark Hair Styles

19. Straight Long Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

Straight Long Hair Light Blonde Highlights

20. Straight Super Long Blonde Hair

Straight Super Long Hair Styles


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