It is hard to decide upon a haircut for long hair. When your hair is shoulder length, you have so many different choices to try with your hair. But once your hair grows long, you find it hard to find long haircuts. You do not want to reduce the length of your hair too much. But you also need a haircut for your long hair. So what do you do? Here are pictures of 20 Simple Haircuts for Long Hair. These lovely looks add layers, leave hair blunt, or cut hair into a rounded U. No matter which one you choose, you’d better make sure your hair is free of scurf which may ruin the whole long hairstyle.

1. Simple Wavy Blonde Long Hairstyle

Best Simple Long Hairstyles

2. Simple Braided Haircut for Long Hair

Gorgeous Simple Haircuts for Long Hair

3. Simple Ombre Hairdo for Long Hair

Nice Simple Hairdos for Long Hair

4. Simple Straight Hair Style for Long Hair

Simple Hair Styles for Long Hair Back

5. Wavy Layered Simple Haircut for Long Hair

Layered Simple Haircuts for Long Hair Ideas

6. Brown Straight Simple Haircut for Long Hair

Straight Simple Haircuts for Long Hair Idea

7. Simple Blonde Haircut for Long Braided Hair

Simple Haircuts for Long Braided Hair Ideas

8. Simple Dark Long Haircut with Bangs

Simple Long Haircuts with Bangs Ideass

9. Simple Long Haircut Half Updo

Simple Long Haircuts Updo Styles

10. Simple Long Blonde Modern Haircut

Simple Long Modern Haircuts

11. Simple Caramel Long Haircut Back View

Simple Caramel Long Haircuts

12. Simple Blonde Long Layered Thin Haircut

Simple Blonde Long Thin Haircuts

13. Simple Long Blonde Half Up Hair

Simple Long Blonde Hairstyles

14. Simple Long Braided Blonde Ombre Hair

Simple Long Blonde Ombre Hairstyles

15. Simple Long Side Swept Bangs Hair

Simple Long Side Swept Haircuts

16. Simple Wavy Cut Long Hair

Simple Cuts Long Hair Ideas

17. Simple Cut Braided Half Up Long Hair

Simple Cuts Half Up Long Hairstyles

18. Simple Wavy Haircut Side Swept Long Hair

Simple Haircuts Side Swept Long Hair Ideas

19. Simple Pastel Haircut Ponytail Long Hair

Simple Haircuts Ponytail Long Hair Styles

20. Simple Pinned Haircut with Ombre Long Hair

Simple Haircuts Ombre Long Hair Ideas


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