Long and curly hair may seem a little bit hard to maintain for men but when you do, you can achieve really cool and unique style with long curly hairstyles. Black men have their own unique, thick and curly hair type so it would be nice to see how different long hairstyles look on black men.

If you want to achieve a nice long hairstyle your haircut should be lightly layered and you need to use hair products to prevent frizz. Man-bun is the latest trend so you can get your hair out of your face with this a modern man-bun. Braided hairstyles and dreadlocks are also a great idea for black men who don’t want to spend time to style their hair.

1. Native American Men

Native American Men, Long, ─░ndian, Guys, Gandy, Facial, David

2. Natural Hair

Natural Hair, Long, Ponytail, Men, Curly, Black, Baby

3. Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair, Natural, Men, Curly, Long, Black, Very, Simple

4. Dreadlock Hair

Dreadlock Hair, Locs, Dreads, Twist, Natural, Long, Guys

5. Attractive Hair

Attractive Hair, Men, Long, Harington, V, Snow, Russell, Momoa

6. Afro Hair

Afro Hair, Natural, Men, Men'S, Long, Curly, Curls

7. Braided Hair

Braided Hair, Black, Natural, Men, Long, Dreadlocks, Twist, Men'S

8. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair, Curly, Natural, Men, Oprah, Models, Long, Curls, Buns

9. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks, Men, Marley, Locs, Dreads, Bob, Walking, Natural

10. Afropunk

Afropunk, Natural, Hendrix, Afro, Texture, Models, Men, Long, Kinky

11. Wedding Hair

Wedding Hair, Up, Natural, Men, Fashion

12. Kenny Nogueira

Kenny Nogueira, Natural, Afro, Men, Thick, Men'S

13. Braided Hair

Braided Hair, Natural, Long, Updo, Twist, Plaited, Mens

14. Cool Hair

Cool Hair, Natural, Black, Men, Fade, Men'S, Man, Long, Knot

15. Casual Hair

Casual Hair, Men, Black, Mens, formal, Curly, 204

16. Trendy Hair

Trendy Hair, Natural, Men, Curly, Black, Mohawk, Fro, Fashion

17. Brown Hair

Brown Hair, Natural, Lace, Front, Black, Model, Men, Half, Curly

18. Fashion Hair

Fashion Hair, Long, Men, Black, Afro, Texture, Mens, Male

19. Black Men Dreads

Black Men Dreads, Guys, Locs, Hot, Dread

20. Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair, Men, Locs, Dreads, Dreadlocks, Pretty, Natural, Faux

21. Braided Hair

Braided Hair, Twist, Men, Black, Updo, Short, Natural

22. Cool Hair

Cool Hair, Natural, Men, Long, Black, Weaves, Exotic, All

23. Man Buns

Man Buns, Tom, Jamie, Dornan, Theo, Some, Should, Shades, Sexy

24. Afro Textured Hair

Afro Textured Hair, Texture, Men'S, Men, Long, Gray, Black, Afro


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