Long hair can transform you from a girl to a goddess. Sounds funny? But it’s the fact. With your long hair properly styled you can simply win the day. Shorter or medium length hair can’t give all the varieties you can try with your long hair. You can color your long hair, make bun, or braid, or updo and surprisingly all of them will look stunning. That is, the compliment – “You look gorgeous!” mostly comes when your beholders see your long hair extraordinarily set.

While other ladies with long hair may feel like cutting their hair half due to long combing session and messy morning look, choosing any of the hairstyle from the following 20 pics about trendy long hairstyles, you can avoid those frustrating moment and lovely compliments from every time you meet some admirer.

1. Dark Blonde Long Hairstyle for Women

Long Hairstyles for Women

Natural blonde are simply awesome when you think of be playful with your long hair. However, you can’t go wrong even if you change your hair color into blonde in order to look ravishing. Believe us, blonde are best when you’re dreaming to take your glamour to the next level.

2. Blonde Ombre Long Hair for Women

Long Hair for Women

Bring a special effect on your overall look with the Blonde Ombre Long Hairstyle. It can easily lit up your beauty without further change on the fashion. The light wave on the bottom portions can add extra volume on your hair to make it look more bouncy and rich in appeal. Suitable for any occasion, casual or formal, and you can pair it up with any sort of outfit and the outcome will eventually make your lady beholders wish for it.

3. Classy Long Hair Style for Women

Long Hair Styles for Women

Long hair looks classy, and therefore, there’s no reason why you won’t be proud of it. Granted, your female (so-called) friends and coworkers feel a kind of jealousy for this hairstyle, but (with the tongue in cheek), we enjoy their being so jelly!

4. Long Haircut for Women

Long Haircuts for Women

5. Best Braided Hairstyle for Women

Best Long Hairstyles for Women


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Long Hairstyles for Women-18


Long Hairstyles for Women-19


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