There was a trend when straight hair was the fashion, girls with curly or wavy hair used to visit the hair stylists to make their hair straight. Some even brought home the equipment needed to fashion their hair by keeping straight. However, things change over time. Ladies are tending to loose curly hair more than straight ones. Natural curls or wavy hair are also turning into a product of jealousy among the bearers of straight hair. However, since we don’t promote such corny attitude, we’re here to suggest what you can do with your (natural or not so natural) curls to make them look more stunning.

Here we will present 20 loose hairstyles mainly done on long curly hair. Stay with us to know the varieties you can opt for to get a mesmerizing look. Some of them may need hair accessories to keep the style up to the mark. Turns out, any of them demand less maintenance with optimum impact on the beholders.

1. Curly Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long Loose Curls Fashion Colors

Accentuate your glamour with this curly hairstyle for long hair. It not only gives you the trend to follow that the celebrity ladies are making on your way ahead but it makes the idol itself whom others follow as a fashion-conscious personality. Apart from giving you a chic and feminine vibe, this hairstyle will let your flirtatious smirk become more visible as well as effective. If you know what we mean!

2. Blonde Long Hair

Long Wedding Loose Curls Up Senior Photography Half Down

Raise the quotient of your overall glamour with this blonde long hair style. Going out of the mainstream, this hairstyle allows you to gain others’ focus on first glance. Don’t be surprised if your new hairstyle becomes the talked of the topic that night. With this flawless beauty, you can be the ultimate inspiration for other ladies with long hair when it comes to be creative with your blonde.

3. Easy Hairstyle

Wedding Loose Curls Long Weddings Easy Curl

4. Braided Hair

Half Wedding Wavy Updo Curls Braided Blonde

5. Red Hair

Loose Long Curly Wine Red Perm Layered Curls Colored

6. Prom Hairstyle

Curly Prom Ombre Loose Highlights Girl Down Curls

7. Wedding Curly Hair

Long Carrie Wedding Up Underwood Trendy Trends Sides

8. Long Hair Girls

Long Curls Wavy Soft Ombre Natural Kinky Girls Curly

9. Wedding Curly Hairstyle

Wedding Long Up Half Curls

10. Curly Weave Hairstyle

Weave Loose Curly Women Wave Virgin Long Lace Eye

11. Dark Brown Hair

Curls Dark Brown Wedding Tips Ombre Loose

12. Dark Curly Hair

Long Curly Wedding Women Wave Small Shaggy Shag Prom Perm

13. Blonde and Brown Hair

Long Curls Blonde Ombre Highlights Ends Curled

14. Messy Hair

Long Flat Blonde Waves Tips Sectional Loose Head

15. Chocolate Hair

Curls Brown Long Flat Curly Chocolate

16. Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Up Long Lauren Half Green Girl Down Day

17. Vintage Hairstyle

Long Black Women Wave Vintage Megan Medium

18. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Curly Wedding Down Under Long Curls

19. Leighton Meester

Meester Long Leighton Loose Curls Soft Mid Lengths

20. Curly Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long Up formal Fashion Blonde


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