Depending on different seasons, people will select different looks that are not common. For example in summer and springs, most of the women want to have casual looking hairs as it gives them more comfort compared to the other trendy and stylish looking hairs. Among them, long layered shaggy haircuts are one of the better feeling hairstyles than the better-looking hairstyles. This does not mean that you will not look good in the style but it will give you better comfort. The trend of looking good should make you feel good but more than that you look to feel good. We are stressing on feeling good part as shaggy hairstyles are more leaned towards that. Even though we have listed many long shaggy layered hairstyles in this article but you can reinvent other styles based on the present styles as it will give you more comfort. However, do not make it too shaggy as it might ruin the look. One important thing is the subtle variations. For example, you might have seen the look of the Helena Bonham Carter in many different looks. It takes time for hairs to adapt to your styling. People too will take time to get used to your looks. Most of the styles need gradual adaptiveness. Selecting just one of the best shaggy layered hairstyles for long hair might be easy compared to others as you can easily reject all the fussy hairstyles. Go through all the pictures posted in the article, which will enhance your chance of selecting one of the best or more comfortable styles for you. In other words, choose whatever you feel best. The trend needs to shape your life only if you are ready. In this way, you can select the shaggy look or the conventional look for your beauty.

1-Long Layered Shaggy Haircut

Long Layered Shaggy Haircut, Long Hair Shaggy Shag

2-Joan Jet Hair Style

Joan Jet Hair Style, Hairtyles Hair Shag Long

3-Shaggy Bangs

Shaggy Bangs, Hairtyles Hair Long Women

4-Razor Cut

Razor Cut, Hair Long Hairtyles Styles

5-Long Rock N Roll Hair

Long Rock N Roll Hair, Hairtyles Hair Long Easy


Bob Layered Hair Grazing


Shaggy Shag Haircuts Medium


Hair Hairtyles Long Bangs


Hairtyles Hair Shag Long


Hair Curly Styles 60


Balayage Long Messy Shaggy


Long Layered Hair Sexy


Hairtyles Bangs Hair Shag


Hair Long Layered Red


Hair Long Shaggy Styles


Hairtyles Hair Long Roll


Hair Thin Sharp Layers


Long Layered Shag Layers


Hair Layered Long Layers


Hairtyles Hair Bangs Shaggy


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