We have covered so many styles with curly hairs. Believe me, these hairstyles are not easy to maintain. Yeah, you can curl your hairs and get the desired look. But, it is up to you to make extra changes to the curls. But, damage to the hair is not in your hands once it crosses the limit. So, before going for any style make sure that you maintain the hairs health. When you think about long curly hair with fringe you might notice that these are not common. Curls look good with bangs and fringes. The fringes will give you that extra curl feels. But, make sure that the hair length you have is not too short else you will not get the curls properly. After the curls, you will not have enough hair length to set bangs and fringes. Many do these silly mistakes of keeping hair length way too short or just about neck length. It is better to keep shoulder length to have better fringes and curls. The images uploaded in the article justifies the info given by us. If you observe the styles, you will see that the shorter hair length will give you curls but they will have very short angles. This is also a trendy style, which is as shown in the picture number “4. Simple long curly hair with fringe styles” represents simple curls with very fewer fringes at the bottom. Trendy looks are difficult to decide as they change with the release of a movie or someone promoting the trend. Either way, long curly hair with side fringe can be complicated at times. Some women may prefer fewer curls and more fringes and some with more curls. There are many pictures but selecting one look is easy as these are similar in many ways.

1-Long Curly Hair with Fringe

Long Curly Hair with Fringe, Curly Hair Styles Long

2-Wavy Curly Hair Bangs

Wavy Curly Hair Bangs, Wavy Bangs Hair Curly

3-Medium Long Cut with Bangs

Medium Long Cut with Bangs, Curly Bangs Shag Haircuts

4-Thick Curls

Thick Curls, Curly Hair Short Hairtyles

5-Brunette Long Curly Hair with Fringe

Brunette Long Curly Hair with Fringe, Curly Hair Long Fringe


Curly Hair Styles Natural


Curly Hair Styles Some


Curly Hair Bangs Styles


Curly Hair Styles Pony


Curly Hair Styles Rizado


Curly Hair Long Fringe


Curly Hair Styles Up


Curly Hair Styles Bangs


Curly Hair Styles Natural


Long Hair Curly Bangs


Curly Hair Styles Fringe


Curly Hair Styles Bangs


Hair Curly Styles Celeb


Curly Hair Farrah Styles


Long Hairtyles Women Curly


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