When it comes to chopped hairs there are very few women who prefer to keep this style for a longer period of time. It is just because of the way chopped hair looks. If you have a round face then you cannot go for sharp chops even though chopped hair suit round face more than any other face. Many people just do not want to see themselves in chopped look. Even if they do it will be towards bob or Pixie style. To change your prejudice we have created this blog, which specifically targets choppy layered haircuts for long hair. For better references, we have even added a wide variety of pictures, which will complement our claims that chopped styles are also good only if you know how to do it. We too know that you do not want to get dumb and dumber movie look. It looks funny but on a woman, it sure looks very very funny. Because of this exact reason, we have added layered texture, which gives you long choppy layered hair, which is kind of cool. You will understand this once you go through all of the images and compare each image with other images to get a better idea about chopped hairs. Instead of funny looks, these long choppy layered hairstyles will give modern and trendy looks. Rather these hairstyles are one of the most preferred hairstyles in many countries as it brings a fresh feeling. Just by looking at the pics you can say that these styles are definitely worth trying. At first, you may not like the styles during the haircut but when the whole process is finished including layered styling, you will definitely like it. These are flexible haircuts as if you do not like the cut then you can go for other looks easily as hair length is long.

1-Long Choppy Layered Hairtyle

Long Choppy Layered Hairtyle, Hair Layered Medium Length

2-Side Whispy Bangs

Side Whispy Bangs, Long Hair Choppy Layered

3-Shaggy Hair Cut

Shaggy Hair Cut, Hair Long Medium Layered

4-Soft Layers

Soft Layers, Layers Hair Soft Medium

5-Blonde Colored

Blonde Colored, Blonde Choppy Bob Long


Hair Balayage Brunette Brown


Blonde Hair Balayage Long


Hairtyles Layered Long Choppy


Blonde Hair Long Choppy


Hairtyles Hair Shag Long


Hair Medium Styles Long


Hair Ash Brown Long


Blonde Hair Long Choppy


Hair Long Layers Styles


Blonde Layered Medium Hair


Long Bangs Choppy Side


Hair Layered Hairtyles Layers


Hair Brown Balayage 50


Long Layered Hairtyles Cute


Hair Length Layered Shoulder


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