Are you bored with your current haircut? Doesn’t matter how long you have been wearing it, it’s time to introduce something new into your looks. Asymmetrical hairstyles are enjoyable and contemporary. There are many ways to rock an asymmetrical long hair style – go all the way and opt for an edgy asymmetrical haircut, try your hand at sexy side braids, or wear your long hair in a side bun or low side ponytail – the choice is yours! Additionally, did you know that asymmetry is a effective tool to correct your face shape? Actually, any lines on a slant are elongating your face visually, so they are right to the point for round or square faces. We’ve chosen 20 Long Asymmetrical Haircuts to inspire you for your next fabulous hairdo. Enjoy!

1. Long Asymmetrical Light Brown Haircut

Best Long Asymmetrical Haircuts

2. Long Asymmetrical Blonde Pink Hair

Long Asymmetrical Blonde Hair

3. Long Straight Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Best Long Asymmetrical Hairstyles

4. Long Blonde Asymmetrical Haircut

Stylish Asymmetrical Haircuts Long

5. Long Pastel Scene Asymmetrical Haircut

Long Scene Asymmetrical Haircuts

6. Stylish Pastel Long Asymmetrical Haircut

Stylish Long Asymmetrical Haircuts

7. Long Layered Asymmetrical Haircut Back View

Long Asymmetrical Haircuts Back View Look

8. Dark Long Asymmetrical Haircut for Girls

Best Long Asymmetrical Haircuts for Girls

9. Blonde Asymmetrical Haircut with Bangs for Girls

Best Asymmetrical Haircuts with Bangs for Girls

10. Asymmetrical Long Straight Haircut

Nice Asymmetrical Long Haircuts

11. Half Shaved Asymmetrical Long Curly Haircut

Half Shaved Asymmetrical Long Haircuts

12. Asymmetrical Long Curly Haircut with Short Bangs

Asymmetrical Long Curly Haircuts

13. Blonde Asymmetrical Long Thick Haircut

Blonde Asymmetrical Long Haircuts

14. Emo Asymmetrical Long Blonde Haircut

Emo Asymmetrical Long Haircuts

15. Asymmetrical Half Shaved Dark Long Haircut

Asymmetrical Half Shaved Long Haircuts

16. Classy Asymmetrical Long Thick Haircut

Asymmetrical Classy Long Haircuts

17. Asymmetrical Extreme Long Fine Haircut

Asymmetrical Extreme Long Haircuts

18. Straight Asymmetrical Haircut

Nice Asymmetrical Haircuts

19. Asymmetrical Dark Fringe Haircut

Asymmetrical Fringe Haircuts

20. Asymmetrical Layered Long Highlighted Haircut

Asymmetrical Layered Long Haircuts


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