It’s hard to pick the perfect hairstyle and stay in trends at the same time. There are a lot of factors to acknowledge while picking a hairstyle which is in trend. Recently, long hair has become quite popular and for a good enough reason. Celebrities including ravishing actors are seen rocking long hairdos. Since trends are extensively influenced by popular celebrities, it is safe to say that men long hairstyles are the perfect trends to pick this season. And that is why we have brought together a list of 20 hot men with long hair that will inspire you to have their look.

1. Ben Dahlhaus

Ben Dahlhaus, Thorin, Roman, Reign, Oakenshield, Richard, Momoa

Ben Dahlhaus is a Swedish model who has changed the modeling industry with his attractive look. His long hair and sexy beard has had women go crazy for him. He styles his long hair in messy updos or top knots complemented by his neat beard.

2. Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes, Leto, Jared, Men'S, Men, Male, Long, Celebrity

Ben Barnes is most popularly known for playing Prince Caspian in the Narnia movies. Just like a real prince, he fashions long hair and a fabulous beard to go with it. With his recent success at the series ‘West World’ he has again become very popular among many people and so did his long hairstyle. His dark long locks give a groovy and attractive look that many desire to have.

3. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa, Jamie, Dornan, Bun, Up, Ponytail, Men, Longer

Who doesn’t love Jason Momoa? He became famous by portraying the handsome and savage warrior of the Dothraki tribe in the epic series ‘Game of Thrones’. His hairstyle is fit for a brave man and with his portrayal of ‘Aquaman’ in the latest DC comic film he has most definitely gained him more fans. As a result he has been in almost all fashion magazines around the globe for his good looks and of course, good hair.

4. Cool Hair

Cool Hair, Pretty, Photography, Men, Long, Denim, 35

5. Guys Hair

Guys Hair, Long, Men, Cute, Beard

6. Attractive Hair

Attractive Hair, Thorin, Model, Male, Long, Jared, Hemsworth

7. Fashion Hair

Fashion Hair, Men, Trending, Steve, Sexy, One, Motorcycle

8. Gray Hair

Gray Hair, Men, Long, Silver, Short, Hot, Green, Eyes, Beards, Beard

9. Hot Long Hair

Hot Long Hair, Men, Jared, Momoa, Leto, Jason, Handsome

10. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair, Men, Long, Zayn, Farrell, Thick, Medium, Malik

11. Kevin Creekman

Kevin Creekman, Tattoo, Men, Long, Kevincreekman, David

12. Hot Long Hair

Hot Long Hair, Men, Pitt, Hemsworth, Cobain, Brad, Up, Thor

13. Guys Hair

Guys Hair, Long, Norman, Men, Reedus, Hunnam, Hot, David, Charlie

14. Asian Hair

Asian Hair, True, Ryan, Men, Manganiello, Long, Korean, Joe, Hunnam

15. Native American

Native American, Ryan, Men, Long, Hot, Zac, Sexy, Reynolds

16. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks, Men, Rasta, Long, Justin, Hot, Dreadlock

17. Straight Hair

Straight Hair, Native, American, Men, Long, Ryan, Hot

18. Casual Hair

Casual Hair, Men, Long, Jogia, Jared, Avan, Russell, Rock, Momoa

19. Bearded Crossfit Men

Bearded Crossfit Men, Some, Hunnam, Facial, Charlie

20. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks, Marley, Long, Guys, Bob, Sexy, Natural, Momoa, Men


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