Girls nowadays rarely wear long hair. But for those who do, long hair is just like a treasured asset. Owing to the rarity of it, women absolutely don’t want to cut their long mane and often think of newer ways of styling it. A girl and her hair have a special relationship, and just like any other relationship, there are ups and downs. It makes long hair seem more glamorous than it really is. So in this article, we have gathered 20 Girls with Long Hair for you. Check out these glamorous long hair styles and get inspired!

1. Girl with Long Ashy Brown Hair

Girls with Long Brown Hair

2. Long Blonde Straight Hairstyle for Girls

Long Blonde Hairstyles for Girls

3. Haircut for Girls with Very Long Hair

Best Haircuts for Girls with Long Hair

4. Long Dark Messy Hair

Long Dark Hair Girl

5. Long Wavy Hair Half Up Bun

Best Long Hair Half Up Bun

6. Long Wavy Hair for Girls

Long Wavy Girl Hairstyles

7. Long Dark Brown Hair for Girls

Best Long Brown Hair for Girls

8. Half Up Twisted Hair for Girls

Half Up Hairstyles for Girls

9. Straight Dark Long Hair for Girls

Straight Long Hairstyles for Girls

10. Dark Straight Very Long Hair for Girls

Dark Straight Long Hairstyles for Girls

11. Natural Long Dark Hairstyle for Girls

Natural Long Hairstyles for Girls

12. Simple Long Ponytail Hairstyle for Girls

Simple Long Hairstyles for Girls

13. Dark Brown Long Straight Hairstyle for Girls

Dark Brown Long Hairstyles for Girls

14. Red Long Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs for Girls

Red Long Hairstyles with Bangs for Girls

15. Layered Long Dark Ombre Hairstyle for Girls

Layered Long Hairstyles for Girls

16. Long Dark Emo Hairstyle for Girls

Long Emo Hairstyles for Girls

17. Blonde Nice Layered Hairstyle for Girls

Blonde Nice Hairstyles for Girls

18. Chic Straight Braided Hairstyle for Girls

Chic Straight Long Hairstyles for Girls

19. One Side Braided Hairstyle for Girls

Best One Side Hairstyles for Girls

20. Beachy Long Hairstyle for Girls

Beachy Long Hairstyles for Girls


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