Hairstyle is an important part of every women identity. Most of us have only medium or short length hair, but very few lucky women have long hair too. We can consider them lucky as most of the women don’t possess long hair now a day. It is easy to do hair styling in long hair in despite of short or medium length hair. Long hair styles stood in the first row in fashion world all the time as they are not out of fashion anytime. See 20+ Girl Hairstyle Images for the year including wavy hair, side braids and the different half up styles. Check them out and find your favorite style!

1. Long Hair Ribbon Hairstyle for Girls

Hair Ribbon Girl Hairstyle Images

2. Long Wavy Thick Hair for Girls

Long Wavy Hair Girl Images

3. Very Long Red Hair for Girls

Long Red Hair Girls Images

4. Girl with Long Naturally Curly Hair

Girls with Long Curly Hairstyles


5. Girl with Winter Long Hairstyle

Girl Winter Hairstyles Images

6. Long Braided Half Up Hair for Girls

Long Braided Hairstyles Girl Images

7. Layered Long Fine Hair for Girls

Layered Long Hair Girls Images

8. Cute Girl with Long Dreadlocks Hair

Images of Girls with Long Dreadlocks Hairstyles

9. Long Straight Layered Hair for Girls

Best Long Straight Hair for Girls

10. Long Side Half Up Blonde Hair for Girls

Long Side Half Up Hair Images for Girls

11. Long Dark Straight Hair for Girls

Long Straight Hair Images for Girls

12. Long Brown Hair with Bangs for Girls

Best Long Hair with Bangs for Girls

13. Black Long Pinned Hair for Girls

Black Long Hairstyles for Girls


14. Viking Braid Long Hairstyle for Girls

Viking Braid Long Hairstyles for Girls

15. Vintage Long Half Up Hairstyle for Girls

Best Vintage Long Hairstyles for Girls

16. Straight Long Hairstyle with Waterfall Braids for Girls

Best Straight Long Hairstyles Braids for Girls

17. Long Hairstyle with Cute Flower Crown for Girls

Best Long Hairstyles with Flower Crown for Girls

18. Long Flower Half Up Hairstyle for Girls

Long Flower Hairstyles Images for Girls

19. Braided Skate Hairstyle for Girls

Skate Hairstyles Images for Girls

20. Long Soft Wavy Brown Hairstyle for Girls

Long Soft Wavy Hairstyles Images for Girls


21. Long Box Braided Half Bun Hairstyle for Girls

Long Box Braided Hairstyles Images for Girls

22. Long Half Up Red Hairstyle for Girls

Best Long Half Up Hairstyles for Girls

23. Cute Long Blonde Half Up for Girls

Cute Long Half Up Images for Girls


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