Think brunette means boring? Think again! Brunette long hair styles are so versatile and brown hair looks perfect in an updo or worn long and loose. If you have brunette hair, you should take advantage of your natural charms and shake up your style with an enhanced hair colour or cut. Being brunette has never been better. Take advantage of your endless mane and go for loose, brilliant waves. And if you just fancy a small change, but don’t want to do anything drastic check out these 20 Brunette Long Hairstyles and get inspired!

1. Long Brunette Hairstyle for Girls

Best Long Brunette Hairstyles

2. Brunette Long Hairstyle for Women

Nice Brunette Long Hairstyles

3. Brunette Long Highlighted Haircut

Brunette Long Highlighted Hair

4. Attractive Dark Hair Colour Brunette

Dark Hair Colour Brunette

5. Charming Balyage Brunette Long Hair

Balyage Brunette Long Hairstyles

6. 2015 Brunette Long Hair with Bangs

2015 Brunette Long Hairstyles

7. Braided Brunette Very Long Hair

Brunette Very Long Hairstyles

8. Chic Very Long Hair for Brunettes

Very Long Hairstyles for Brunettes

9. Long Wavy Hairdo for Brunettes

Long Wavy Hairstyles for Brunettes

10. Long Stylish Wavy Hair for Brunettes

Long Stylish Hairstyles for Brunettes

11. Long Finger Wavy Hairstyle for Brunettes

Long Finger Wavy Hairstyles for Brunettes

12. Very Long Brunette Nice Hair

Brunette Long Nice Hairstyles

13. Trendy Brunette Long Nice Hairstyle

Trendy Brunette Long Nice Hairstyles

14. Cute Brunette Long Hair with Wavy Ends

Cute Brunette Long Hairstyles

15. Brunette Long Highlighted Wavy Hair

Brunette Long Highlighted Hairstyles

16. Brunette Dark Brown Long Layered Hair

Brunette Dark Brown Long Hairstyles

17. Brunette Modern Braided Long Hair

Brunette Modern Long Hairstyles

18. 2015 Brunette Trendy Long Wavy Hair

2015 Brunette Trendy Long Hairstyles

19. 2015 Brunette Caramel Highlighted Long Layered Hair

2015 Brunette Caramel Highlighted Long Hairstyles

20. Brunette Blonde Highlighted Long Wavy Hair

Brunette Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles


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