If you’re thinking of updating your long hair style, but aren’t ready to make a full-on chop, we feel you. Eating all those foods for longer, shinier hair took effort, after all – effort you’re not ready to dismiss in one quick snip. Ahead, you’ll find the best long haircuts for every type of hair texture, from tightly curled to stick straight. Long hairstyle has been in since before the invention of scissors – although the decades have shown us numerous ways to rock long hair, from big ’40s curls to ’90s graduated layers. So if you’re ready for a change, but not quite convinced a pixie or a bob is for you, try one of these 20 Best Hairstyles Cuts.

1. Dark Layered Haircut Style

Best Haircuts Styles

2. Woman with Long Layered Hairstyle

Women Long Hairstyle

3. Blonde Wavy Hairstyle for Women

Blonde Hairstyles Women

4. Platinum Blonde Long Hairstyle

Best Hairstyles Haircuts

5. Brown Long Hair Style

Womens Long Hair Styles

6. Brown Layered Female Haircut

Layered Female Haircuts

7. Very Long Haircut Style

Best Long Haircuts Styles


8. Straight Angled Hairstyle

Women Angled Hairstyle

9. Blonde Bangs Hairstyle for Women

Best Bangs Hairstyles Women

10. Modern Wavy Hairstyle

Best Modern Hairstyles Haircuts

11. Messy Layered Hair Style for Women

Womens Layered Hair Styles

12. Female Mid Length Haircut 2015

Best Female Haircuts 2015

13. Highlighted Haircut with Bangs

Best Haircuts with Bangs

14. Side Shaved Haircut with Blunt Bangs

Best Side Shaved Haircuts with Bangs

15. Simple Blonde Haircut

Best Simple Haircuts

16. Cute Layered Haircut with Bangs

Best Cute Haircuts with Bangs

17. Grunge Haircuts with Bangs

Grunge Haircuts with Bangs

18. Mid Length Layered Haircuts
Mid Length Layered Hair
Mid Length Layered Haircuts

19. Nice Long Haircuts
Nice Long Haircuts
Best Nice Long Haircuts


20. Trendy Female Haircuts
Trendy Female Hair
Trendy Female Haircuts


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