Layers are a key feature of many gorgeous modern haircuts for long hair. Flattering, flirty, and functional, layers bring long hair to life, giving your locks definition and extra depth. With the right length and amount of layers in your hair, you can create a marvelous long hair style that makes the most of your face shape and your hair type. In this article, we will present 20 Best Angled Haircuts. Angled haircuts have been taking hair risks lately. Get inspired by perfect hairstyles and you’re sure to find a new angled hairstyle for your long locks!

1. Angled Brown Straight Haircut

Best Angled Haircuts

2. Charming Angled Long Hair

Angled Long Hair

3. Angled Wavy Brown Hairstyle

Angled Wavy Hairstyles

4. Angled Highlighted Hairstyle

Best Angled Hairstyle

5. Angled Curly Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Best Angled Curly Wavy Hairstyle

6. Angled Straight Layered Hairstyle

Best Angled Straight Hairstyle

7. Angled Wavy Curly Ombre Hairstyle

Best Angled Wavy Curly Hairstyle

8. Angled Straight Blonde Hairstyle Side and Back

Best Angled Straight Blonde Hairstyle

9. Angled Dark Brown Long Bob Hairstyle

Angled Dark Brown Hairstyle

10. Dark Angled Hairstyle Back View

Angled Hairstyle Back View Look

11. Blonde Angled Hairstyle for Women

Blonde Angled Hairstyle Ideas

12. Modern Angled Blonde Hairstyle

Modern Angled Hairstyle 2015

13. Layered Long Straight Angled Hairstyle

Layered Long Angled Hairstyle

14. Platinum Blonde Fine Angled Hairstyle

Platinum Blonde Angled Hairstyle

15. Dark Brown Straight Angled Haircut

Best Dark Brown Angled Haircuts

16. Stylish Brown Angled Haircut

Best Stylish Angled Haircuts

17. Straight Angled Haircut with Bangs

Best Angled Haircuts with Bangs

18. Angled Haircut with Wavy Hair

Best Angled Haircuts Wavy Hair

19. Cute Brown Angled Haircut

Cute Angled Haircuts Ideas

20. Fashionable Dark Angled Haircut

Fashionable Angled Haircuts


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