Longer hairstyles are on trend today among men, and more and more guys try cool long hairstyles to become even more modern and handsome. Who has said that only women can have long hair? Men can also grow their hair and upgrade their look perfectly. So if you are going to become fashionable, then long hair is a good option to try. These days there are many different ways to style up your hair, so we have handpicked some Male Long Hairstyles that will make you look at your best. Just go on reading and determine which one meets your demands. You can grow all your hair in one length or just keep your sides and back shorter while the top longer. Fringe cuts are also becoming very popular. Guys like long side fringes as they make a man sexier and cooler. Messy hairstyles are also trendy. Today most of the men opt for shaved side parts. This is a growing trend and more and more males try this type of style. Moreover, they add long textured spikes and get a very glamorous look. If you like the classic look you can try long slick back hairstyles as well. You can even make your hair chin length and try the slicked-back style. There are numerous hairstyles for stylish men, so if you are going for a long haircut, then you can find numerous ideas below. Having a cool look in this summer is just a few steps away.  So check out the following fashionable long hairstyles for men and try them in 2018.

1-Male Long Hairstyles

Male Long Hairtyles, Long Short Hairtyles Parted

2-Fashion Hairstyle

Fashion Hairtyle, Short Hairtyles Fashion Men's

3-Messy Hair

Messy Hair, Short Hairtyles Long Derek

4-Gray Blond Hair Color

Gray Blond Hair Color, Hunnam Jax Charlie Long

5-Long Hair with Taper

Long Hair with Taper, Long Short Hairtyles Bun

6-Blonde Hair Color

Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Male Man Hemsworth

7- Mid-length Updo Hair

Short Hair Asian 2018

8- Long Hair

Faces Portraits Long

9- Long Wavy Hair

Long Short Hairtyles Real

10- Curly Hairstyle

Cornell Harington Fashion Men's

11- Side Sweep Curls

Long Style Jason Jared

12- Wavy Hair

Christian Patrick Swayze Jovi

13- Side Part Long Hair

Leto Jared Hairtyles Driver

14- Long Side Fringe

Long Hairtyles Male Lambert

15- Messy Look

Long Leonardo Chris Hemsworth

16- Shaved Side Parts with a Longer top

Undercut Dreadlock Hairtyles Hair

17- Wavy Cool Hair

Long Momoa Jason Thorin

18- Daily Style

Long Cara Hair Delevingne


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