Long wavy hair has always been gorgeous and stylish. We offer you very popular Haircuts for Long Wavy Hair, so take your curling iron and start creating one of these looks suitable for any season and event. Long waves are very easy to create, so sometimes you can even save money and do it yourself without visiting your hairdresser. Simply brush through larger curls and waves will be ready for you. Long waves are suitable for any face shape, skin tone, and facial features. Layered long waves are very trendy nowadays. Layers give movement to your hair and make it look thicker and prettier. They will be so playful that you will feel inspired all day long wearing this cute hairstyle. In order to look at your best and shine brightly in any event, we offer you to try elegant luscious blonde waves. These locks will again look perfect with layers and make you stand out everywhere. Tousled smooth waves are amongst the prettiest styles. Just smooth the roots of your hair and make curls with an iron then strengthen the ends. You will get a lovely style suitable for an everyday look and various occasions. S-shaped waves are another great way to make a statement. This will give you a glam feel. S-shaped waves are beautiful and timeless. This hairstyle will emphasize your cheekbones and eyes giving you a very soft and romantic look. Caramel balayage waves are popular nowadays as well. The colors work together and blend into your chic waves. So the ideas are a lot, and we have sorted out some pictures for long wavy hairstyles. Check them and you will be inspired!

1-Haircuts for Long Wavy Hair

Haircuts for Long Wavy Hair, Hair Long Balayage Ombre

2-Cute Hair

Cute Hair, Hair Cute Long Up

3-Wedding Hairtyle

Wedding Hairtyle, Hair Wedding Hairtyles Long

4-Fashionable Hair

Fashionable Hair, Hair Long Color Stewart

5-Layered Haircut

Layered Haircut, Wavy Long Hair Layered

6-Brown Hair

Brown Hair, Color Hair Long Wavy

7- Long Cute Curls

Long Wavy Thick Hairtyles

8- Choppy Waves

Long Layered Wavy Balayage

9- Messy Waves

Wedding Long Wavy Hairtyles

10- Side-swept Wavy Hair

Kate Middleton Hair Long

11- Blonde Wavy Hair with Headband

Long Headband Wavy Hairtyles

12- Cute Blonde Waves

Hair Long Blonde Summer

13- Wavy Hair with Fringe

Long Bangs Color Hair

14- Long Wavy Hair with Volume

Hair Alba Years Pretty

15- Everyday Style

Long Wavy Color Hair

16- Cool Hairstyle

Hair Ombre Long Color

17- Braided Wavy Blonde Hair

Hair Cara Very Wavy

18- Luscious Blonde Waves

Hair Jennifer Lopez Blonde


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