Being an American actress and producer, Eva Longoria is also known for her various hairstyles. We have brought the most exciting looks of her that can inspire you and you will immediately head to the salon to try one of them. So have a look at the following Eva Longoria Hairstyles and feel inspired. This actress most of all likes wavy hairstyles. She tries both medium and long wavy haircuts and looks really elegant. These wavy hairstyles create a wonderful complement to her face making her more attractive. Eva also prefers updo hairstyles. Her updo hair which is pulled back and has a volume on the crown turn heads at various occasions. You can also try this hairstyle as it is very east to re-create at home. You just need some headpieces to keep it in place for a long time. The actress most of all loves to go for classic up-do here. She pins her locks at the back an leaves out some curls in the front. As she has an oval hair she can always be seen in medium to long hair. Long straight hair is also one of her favorites. Being straight from root to tip this hairstyle makes Eva have a stunning and sassy look. She also adds extra volume to the roots to have a flawless look. Eva Longoria has a very natural hair color which suits her perfectly. When she combines that beautiful color with a suitable hairstyle she really rocks. You may have also noticed layers of Eva’s hair. Yes, she always opts for layers to be more stylish. Besides, layers give much volume and Eva gets a very glamorous look when she tries layers. You will surely be inspired by these gorgeous hairstyle ideas, so take a look at them and get a new look for the new season!

1-Eva Longoria Hairstyles

Eva Longoria Hairtyles, Long Eva Longoria Kardashian

2-Prom Hairtyle

Prom Hairtyle, Eva Longoria Color Kardashian

3-Casual Hairtyle

Casual Hairtyle, Casual Eva Longoria Street

4-Brunette Hairtyle

Brunette Hairtyle, Eva Longoria Hair Some

5-Summer Hairtyle

Summer Hairtyle, Eva Longoria Hair Selena

6- Glamorous Waves

Hair Eva Longoria Ombre

7- Medium Hair

Part Side Longoria Jessica

8- Wavy Hairstyle

Eva Longoria Hair Nina

9- Daily Look

Hair Black All Style

10- Gorgeous Style

Selena Kardashian Kim Party

11- Straight Hair

Eva Longoria Hair Long

12- Amazing Hairstyle

Hair Eva Longoria Color

13- layered Wavy Hair

Eva Longoria Shirt Tee

14- On-sided Waves

Hair Eva Longoria Brown

15- Simple Style

Hair Eva Long Longoria

16- Classic Updo Hair

Eva Longoria 2018 Eyes

17- Elegant Look

Color Eva Longoria Hair

18- Stunning Tousled Hair

Hair Alba Color Brian


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