Micro braid long styles are very popular among the African American community. The look is really trendy and one can draw the attention in crowd with this kind of hairstyle. These braids are generally done by hair professionals as the braids are made out of each section of the hair which can be pretty time consuming. Micro braids are smaller size braids that can be curly, straight, or wavy. These braided hairs tend to take longer to install in the hair, but they can last longer than other braids as well. Micro braids long hairstyles are beautiful and they can give you a look like no other hairstyle. In this post we have compiled 15+ Micro Braids Styles. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Micro Braids Long Style

Best Micro Braids Styles

2. Micro Braid Blonde Half Up Style

Micro Braid Blonde Styles

3. Cute Micro Braids Long Dark Hair

Micro Braids Long Dark Hair

4. Nice Micro Braids Long Style Picture

Nice Micro Braids Pictures

5. Black Micro Braids Long Style

Best Black Micro Braids Styles


6. Stylish Micro Braid Half Bun Style

Stylish Micro Braid Styles

7. Root Micro Braided Long Curly Hair

Root Micro Braided Long Hairstyles


8. Micro Crochet Braids Hair Picture

Micro Crochet Braids Pictures

9. Dark Curly Hair Micro Braids

Dark Hair Micro Braids Styles

10. Stylish Micro Braids Haif Up Hair

Stylish Micro Braids Styles

11. Micro Braids Loose Ponytail

Micro Braids Ponytail Styles


12. Curly Hair Micro Braids Style

Curly Hair Micro Braids Styles

13. Micro Box Braid Long Hair

Micro Box Braids Styles

14. Micro Braids Loose Bun Style

Micro Braids Bun Styles

15. Micro Braids Grey Ombre Style

Micro Braids Ombre Styles


16. Micro Braids Half Up Style for Girls

Micro Braids Styles for Girls

17. Micro Braids Half Up Hair

Micro Braids Half Up Styles


18. For Winter Micro Braid Brown Style

For Winter Micro Braids Styles


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