Women like guys having black hairstyles most of the time. It is not just a statement based upon guessing, it’s the fact – a result found through a survey conducted on various dating websites. In most of the dates, the number of black haired guys has always been in the higher side for their elegant and classy appearance.

Men with dark hair can vary in keeping their style according to the situation in demand. However, don’t generalize the matter in dating only. We have noticed another interesting thing about ladies. They fall under the spell of men with dark hair while choosing their partner for the prom night. So, adopt any of these 15 long dark hair for men and rock the floor!

1. Long Dark Hair

Long Dark Hair, Eoinmacken, White, Tom, Supernatural, Somerhalder

Having dark hair is quite common for almost every man, but this style helps any man look perfect. Upon looking at the hairstyle, it may seem like they are much tough to handle. Needless to say, they require the same amount of care as other hair cuts may have needed. What’s good about is this style is – it provides a clean look differentiating you out from the crowd. But do they look average? Of course not! They are suitable for any skin tone and enables the men present themselves remain up-to-date.

2. Straight Hair

Straight Hair, Long, Men, Male, Black

Straight hair has always been a thing that is craved by many people as they do possess the ability to adopt any hair style easily. Moreover, a silky and smooth straight hair offers different level of confidence to the man by ensuring them a bold look. Less care is required for people having straight hair fashionable while people with curls or wavy hair need to spend hours to keep their hair in desired forms.

3. Dreadlock

Dreadlock, Pretty, Long, Fashion, Dreads

People with deadlocks are easily identifiable only because of their cheerful look. Dreadlock is such a style that not only makes you look different from others but it also enriches the level of comfort. People who have tried this style have never been disappointed, because of its versatility and good adaptive nature for any person.

4. William Tyler

William Tyler, Leto, Jared, Williamtyler, Thorin, Steven

5. Guys Long Hair

Guys Long Hair, Leto, Jared, Wild, Seconds, Lll, Jl

6. Artist Hairstyle

Artist Hairstyle, Men, Turner, Long, Kit, Harington, Aidan, Unisex

7. Thomas Mcdonell

Thomas Mcdonell, Thomasmcdonell, Somerhalder, People, Long

8. Hot Hair

Hot Hair, Men, Long, Reedus, Norman, Leto, Kurt, Jared

9. Michael J Williams

Michael J Williams, Zayn, Men, Long, Malik

10. Cool Hair

Cool Hair, Jared, Vedder, Turner, Pretty, Men, Leto, Eddie, Dark

11. Casual Hair

Casual Hair, Long, Men, Leto, Kurt, Jared, Guys, Cobain

12. Celebrity Hair

Celebrity Hair, Long, Jogia, Harry, Cute, Avan, Young

13. Long Hair

Long Hair, Men, Swept, Side, Russell, Leto, Jared, Momoa, Jl

14. Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair, Reedus, Norman, Momoa, Johnny, Depp, Walking, Long

15. Curly Hair

Curly Hair, Momoa, Men, Long, Jason, Harington, Cornell


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