Layers are a key feature of many fantastic modern haircuts for long hair. With the right length and amount of layers in your hair, you can create a gorgeous long hair style that makes the most of your face shape and your hair type. Layered haircuts and layered hairstyles always offer a sexy and energetic look whether you go for long hair with layers. They work for all hair types, making thick hair more manageable, adding volume to fine hair, and just looking all around good. Complimentary, flirty, and functional, layers bring long hair to life, giving your locks statement and extra depth. Check out these pictures of 15+ Layered Haircuts for Girls and get inspired!

1. Fine Layered Haircut for Girls

Best Layered Haircuts for Girls

2. Long Thick Layered Dark Haircut for Girls

Long Layered Dark Haircuts for Girls

3. Messy Layered Long Haircut

Best Girl Layered Long Haircuts

4. Platinum Blonde Layered Hairstyle for Girls

Best Layered Hairstyles for Girls

5. Long Dark Layered Hair for Girls

Best Long Layered Hair for Girls

6. Cute Layered Long Light Brown Hairstyle

Girl Layered Long Light Brown Hairstyles

7. Layered Blonde Hairstyle with Curly Ends

Layered Blonde Hairstyles for Girls


8. Layered Ashy Blonde Long Hairstyle

Layered Blonde Long Hairstyles


9. Dark Layered Cut with Long Hairstyle

Layered Cut Long Hairstyles

10. Emo Layered Scene Long Hairstyle

Layered Scene Long Hairstyles

11. Blonde Layered Curly Long Hairstyle

Layered Curly Long Hairstyles

12. Layered Long Dark Red Hairstyle with Bangs

Best Layered Long Hairstyles with Bangs

13. Blonde Wavy Long Layered Hairstyle

Wavy Long Layered Hairstyles Ideas


14. Long Thick Curly Layered Hairstyle

Long Thick Layered Hairstyles

15. Long Layered Hairstyle with Ombre Color

Best Long Layered Hairstyles Ombre Color

16. Blonde Layered Hairstyle Back View

Layered Hairstyles Back View

17. Layered Brown Hairstyle with Side Bangs for Girls

Best Layered Brown Hairstyles for Girls


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