With winter fast approaching, it’s time to fine-tune your charms regimen, and that includes your hair color. Few changes rock the mirror like a new hue for your long hairstyle. And the glow of beautiful tresses may brighten your mood, too. Nine out of ten women say there’s a link between their hair and their self-esteem. But which hair color option is right for you? Browse 15 Gorgeous Hair Color in top shades like deep brown, vibrant blonde, pink, and ombré. Check out celebrity inspiration for the best hair colors to update your look, from fabulous highlights to wild hair colors.

1. Gorgeous Blonde Color for Long Hair

Best Gorgeous Blonde Hair

2. Gorgeous Ash Dark Blonde Hairstyle

Gorgeous Ash Blonde Hairstyles Ideas

3. Gorgeous Pink Blonde Hair Color with Flowers

Gorgeous Pink Blonde Hair Color

4. Gorgeous Pastel Green Hair Colour

Gorgeous Hair Colours Ideas

5. Gorgeous Brown Hair Colour for Long Hair

Gorgeous Brown Hair Colours

6. Auburn Hair Colour for Wavy Hair

Gorgeous Auburn Hair Colours

7. Silver Hair Color for Long Hair

Gorgeous Silver Hair Color

8. Long Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Gorgeous Platinum Blonde Hair Color

9. Thick Plum Hair Color 2015

Plum Hair Color 2015

10. Side Parted Dark Hair Color 2015

Gorgeous Dark Hair Color 2015

11. Wavy Pastel Orange Hair Color

Best Pastel Orange Hair Color

12. Red Violet Hair Color with Curly Ends

Red Violet Hair Color Ideas

13. Cute Dark Brown Ombre Hair Color

Gorgeous Dark Brown Ombre Hair Color

14. Thick Dark Green Hair Color

Dark Green Hair Color Ideas

15. Light Blonde Wavy Hair Color

Gorgeous Light Blonde Hair Color


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