There is nothing glossier than long hair. Being a possessor of long hair is a gift of God. I think everybody wishes for long beautiful hair. Haircuts are a gorgeous way to amend your day to day appearance. Anybody can get tired of a daily, boring outlook. Change is a necessity and it is the requirement of life. Everything in life demands change. Even your appearance changes with time. To add to this look, you can go for different things and haircuts are one of them. Long hair has a dozen of variation in their hairstyles. People having long hair are lucky that they can opt for any simple or trendy hairdo and they look just amazingly breathtaking. With a lot of new variations to haircuts people find it easier to decide which look is meant for them or which hairstyle will make their persona look different yet trendy and dazzling.
Bangs are considered fashion in the present day. They sharpen your features magnificently and give you a cute and appreciable emergence. If you have long hair then bangs are surely made for you. Short bangs at the forehead/front look amazing. They are worn a lot these days and make a person look charming. Mostly bangs are worn by younger girls. It is not a good choice for elder woman, but still many celebrities who are not basically “young”, are seen wearing this haircut. They do look good as they carry it well and obviously anything that enters the blitz world has to look awesome. However if the same is done by normal elder woman, trust me they won’t look as good as a young girl would in bangs. So if you are a teenager or a girl who is in her twenties then this hairdo is definitely meant for you. Below we have rounded up the best long haircuts with bangs which will make you look superlative in any case. Don’t doubt for a second and pick one which you think is great!

1. High Bun with Short Bangs at Front:

Long Hair Cuts


2. Straight Layered Hairstyle with Short Bangs:

Hairstyle Long Hair


3. Curly Bob Haircut with Short Bangs:

Hair Long Styles

4. High Bun with Side Swept Bangs:

Long Hairdos


5. Messy Layered Haircut with Short to Medium Bangs:

Haircuts For Long Hair

6. Long Curly Hairdo with Long Bangs:

15 Long Hair Cuts with Bangs_1


7. Straight Layered Haircut with Blunt Bangs:

15 Long Hair Cuts with Bangs_2


8. Side Swept Layered Bangs Hairstyle:

15 Long Hair Cuts with Bangs_3

9. Pretty Long Hair with Beautifully Side-Swept Bangs:

15 Long Hair Cuts with Bangs_4


10. Blunt Hairstyle with Long Blunt Bangs:

15 Long Hair Cuts with Bangs_5

11. Short Bob Haircut with Medium Bangs:

15 Long Hair Cuts with Bangs_6


12. Long Curly Hairstyle with Slightly Side-Swept Bangs:

15 Long Hair Cuts with Bangs_7


13. Simple Long Hair with Long Bangs:

15 Long Hair Cuts with Bangs_8

14. Long Bangs with Neatly High Bun:

15 Long Hair Cuts with Bangs_9


The bangs haircuts may be in nowadays but make sure that you do not experiment them in your older age. For ladies above thirty, I would say you should try something more elegant. Bangs are meant for high school and university girls who carry them cutely and look attractive wearing this hairstyle. Long bangs with a bun are a surely startling hairdo. Even the blunt bangs look eye catching. So pick any one of the above mentioned bang haircuts and try looking different from all those boring years with the same hairstyle. Look Different and Feel Different!


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