Having long straight hair means you have won half the battle in the realm of men’s hairstyle. However, you can’t go with any random hairdo. You must consider the hair texture, color, volume and much more. You can’t ignore your facial attributes as well. Because a man’s contour has a big impact on which hairstyle will suit him most.

We know your long straight hair is the sign of how much you care about your hair. So, why not enhance its impact and present it in such a way that people become bound to give more attention to you? Yeah, it’s completely possible to alter an ordinary look into something spicy and sexy simply by adopting a new hairstyle. Still sounds confusing? Don’t be! Because here we’ve jotted down 14 best men long straight hairstyles to help you know what options are available out there and which one you need to choose to get a killer look.

1. Straight Hair

Straight Hair, Men, Long, Pitt, Hemsworth, Chris, Brad

No other hairstyle looks so phenomenon when you have shoulder length straight hair than this one. Not fully touched the shoulder with some strands of hanging around your cheeks, this straight hairstyle work on men with almost all sorts of skin tone. In fine, it looks tidier and stylish at the same time. Perfect for chilly weather.

2. Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio, Straight, Reedus, Norman

Want to have that classy and sophisticated look like Leonardo Dicaprio – the heart-throb Hollywood actor? We know you want, but can’t dare to try in real due to your lack of high caliber. If this is the case, have a look on this Leonardo Dicaprio hairstyle. Yes, simply by opting for this haircut, you can reach near the glamor of The Titanic hero.

3. Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway, Long, Straight, Pitt, Men, Jared, Brad

When you’re after looking sporty and casual at the same time, there’s no better option than adopting the Josh Holloway hairstyle. Apart from giving a fresh look, it also cuts the effort of maintenance to minimal.

4. Cool Hair

Cool Hair, Messy, Cobain, Some, Quick, People, Mens, Men

5. Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair, Mens, Long, Medium, Trendy, Straight

6. Fashion Hair

Fashion Hair, David, Brad, Bowie, Straight, Pitt, Mens, Long

7. Boys Haircut

Boys Haircut, Norman, Medium, Year, Trending, Straight, Sexy

8. Side Shaved Hair

Side Shaved Hair, Teenage, Pattinson, Guys

9. Side Comb Over

Side Comb Over, Downey, Jr, Robert, Long, Work, Swept, Straight

10. Ryan Hansen

Ryan Hansen, Bon, Jovi, Jon, Men, Medium, Long, Wilson, Up

11. Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair, Walker, Paul, Medium, Hemsworth, Brown, Straight

12. Boys Hair

Boys Hair, Bob, Straight, Short, Men'S, Men, Long, Bobs

13. Prom Hair

Prom Hair, Men, Long, Chris, Pitt, Hunnam

14. Celebrity Hair

Celebrity Hair, Long, Men, Urban, Reedus, Norman, Keith


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