Curly or curled long hairstyles look great with curly and wavy styles, these styles add a nice volume and shape to the hair. If you have naturally curly hair you are lucky because you can easily achieve this look with some hair mousses and hair creams that will help you to style your hair without getting frizzy.

Curly hair and bangs may seem not so possible together but it is obvious that they look really unique and effortlessly stylish. You can just have curly bangs or straighten them to make it look more professional and sophisticated. Long blunt bangs are great since the naturally curly hair is thick and full.Side bangs are a perfect way to emphasize your facial features. Long hair would look really gorgeous with curly and wavy so it is great to have bangs with long hair. If you have naturally wavy hair add some hair mousse to give the boost to create the curls. You can use a curling iron to make the curly more visible too. Bangs should be the

1. Long Curly Hair

Zooey Long Deschanel Curly Bangs Alexa Thick Girl

2. Wavy Hair

Instruments Bangs Widow Wavy People Naturally Mortal

3. Brunette Hair

Medium Bangs Wavy Brunette Round Michele Long Length Lea

4. Straight

Bangs Long Wavy Sunglasses Straight Red Glass Girls

5. Long Curly Hair

Bangs Zooey Curly Long Deschanel Some Sleek

6. Long Curly

Bangs Zooey Deschanel Curly Alexa Long Chung

7. Curly

Curly Mariah Curls Carey Work Naturally Medium Mccord Long Bangs

8. Curly Hair

Curly Bangs Zendaya Shape Long Flattering Face Curls

9. Shag Hair

Curly Bangs Shag Long Zooey Vibrant Some Shaggy Shades

10. Japanese Hair

Japanese Bangs Trend Messy Long Cute Curly Asian

11. Curly Hair

Curly High Curls Women Up Trend Rihanna Naturally Natural Model

12. Taylor Swift

Curly Taylor Swift Side Prom Long Swept


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