Whether you’re heading to the park on a beautiful Sunday morning, hitting the club with your girls or settling in for a date night in a nice restaurant, you’ll need a cute hairstyle to fit the occasion. Stay stylish with these loose updo for long hairstyles. They’ll keep you cool in the sun and they are sturdy enough to last until the end of the night. The main trend is a natural look in everything. Most trendy updos are loose and little messy. Generally your updo should look young, hottest, girly, rather spontaneous and not too demanding. Try not to choose updo hairstyles which make you look too adult. Voluminous chignons, abundance of strasses and colorful clip extensions go to the past. Any braiding, including French braid hairs, are in trend. Stylish buns are also going to be in the mainstream. For more sleek you can beautify your bun with a classy crown or thin circles. Look at these 10 Loose Updos for Long Hair and get inspired!

1. Curly Loose Updo for Long Hair

Best Loose Updos for Long Hair


2. Loose Prom Twisted Updo

Loose Prom Updos Long Hair

3. Loose Curly Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair

Loose Updo Hairstyles for Long Wedding Hair


4. Bridal Loose Updo Style with Flowers for Long Hair

Bridal Loose Updo Styles for Long Hair

5. Cute Loose Updo for Long Blonde Hair

Loose Updos for Long Blonde Hairstyles

6. Loose Braided Half Updo for Long Hair

Loose Half Updos for Long Hairstyles

7. Nice Loose Half Updo for Curly Long Blonde Hair

Nice Loose Half Updos for Curly Long Hair

8. Curly Braided Loose Updo for Long Hair

Braided Loose Updos for Long Hairstyles

9. Elegant Loose Updo with Bangs for Long Hair

Elegant Loose Updos for Long Hairstyles

10. Cute Loose Wavy Updo for Long Hair

Cute Loose Updos for Long Hairstyle


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