Fall is here and that is exciting news for women with long hair: now we have the chance to do all these beautiful fall wedding hairstyles and look especially romantic. The diversity and nostalgic look of most of these long hairstyles are so impressive that they’ll be well worth the time needed to style your hair in a new way. Formal updos for long hair are a must-learn ability. Fortunately, there are plenty of formal updos that are fun to experiment with and are sure to look good on the prom, meeting, or even at the office. The next time you need to dress up, try one of these perfect 10 Formal Updos for Long Hair to make a big impact.

1. Formal Blonde Updo for Long Hair

Best Formal Updos for Long Hair

2. Formal Updo Hairstyle Back View

Formal Low Updo Hairstyles

3. Formal Blonde Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair

Formal High Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

4. Formal Dark Hairstyle Updo

Formal Vintage Hairstyles Updos

5. Formal Blonde Updo Long Hairstyle

Formal Blonde Hairstyles Updos Ideas

6. Formal Top Bun Long Hairstyle Updo

Formal Top Bun Hairstyles Updos Ideas

7. Formal Long Hairstyle for Prom Updo

Formal Long Hairstyles Prom Updos Idea

8. Formal Dark Long Updo Hairstyle

Formal Dark Long Updo Hairstyles

9. Formal Blonde Updo Long Hairstyle

Formal Updo Long Hairstyles Ideas

10. Formal Big Updo for Long Hair

Formal Big Updo Long Hair Ideas


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